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The European Bailout Explained by: guardianoid


Great nations fail because they turn their backs on the principles that made them great.

The Chinese Professor offers a chilling warning: “Great nations fail because they turn their backs on the principles that made them great." This harrowing ad takes place in Beijing in 2030 and provides a glimpse of the bleak future awaiting our country if we don't act today. America, thanks to Obama and his liberal friends […]


If TARP is So Profitable, Why Not Bail Out Everyone?

Published: Wednesday, 23 Mar 2011 | 2:49 PM  By: Jeff Cox     As Treasury feeds us a steady diet of how much money taxpayers are making off the Troubled Asset Relief Program, you have to wonder why nobody thought of this idea sooner. After all, if the worst that can happen from the collapse […]


We Don’t Have Inflation!

"I think it's entirely unfair to attribute excess demand pressures in emerging markets to U.S. monetary policy," Mr. Bernanke said to a National Press Club audience, "because emerging markets have all the tools they need to address excess demand in those countries… it's really up to emerging markets to find appropriate tools to balance their […]


12 steps to get things done. Good Advice for 2011 and beyond

This week I discovered this gem of a post called 12 steps to get things done. I’m a sucker for stuff like this, especially those produced from some of the better websites out there. However, I found this list particularly interesting and worthwhile to share as I think the same exact 12 steps outlined there […]


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