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Your Questions About Laberge

Sandy asks…

How to use binaural beats for lucid dreaming?

I was wondering, binaural beats are often used to induce lucid dreaming ie. being aware when you are dreaming. My question is, how are you supposed to do this? When are you supposed to listen to them? While you are laying in bed trying to sleep? Should I listen to binaural beats WHILE I am sleeping?

Edward answers:

The binaural beat programs designed for lucid dreaming I’ve seen are meant to be listened to while you are sleeping. I imagine many of them have an opening sequence which leads you into sleep, but then they play random combinations of beats for a short period of time to sort of jolt you into awareness of your dream.

Really though, if you’re using a program that claims to be designed for lucid dreams, it should have some sort of listening method documented somewhere… Otherwise, it’s probably not all that great.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on binaural beats to induce lucid dreaming. The techniques documented by Stephen LaBerge really are your best bet… This guy’s been researching this stuff for 20-30 years. Here’s his most up-to-date book, which I’m thinking of picking up myself:


Mandy asks…

How to increase my chances of having a dream tonight?

First of all, I want to know: Is it true that we have dreams every single night? If it is, then I want to know how to increase the chances of me REMEMBERING my dreams. But if we don’t dream every night, then I would like to know, what can I do to increase my probability of having a dream?

Edward answers:

Yes, we do have dreams every night. But we do not always remember them. To increase your chances of remembering your dreams, try the following :
– During the day repeatedly ask ‘Am I dreaming?’ and perform reality checks (like pinch yourself)
– Keep a dream journal. ( this is very important) If you really don’t want to write, then saying the dream aloud to yourself works as well
– The most common time to have a dream you are aware of is about 3 hours after you wake up in the morning
– Try Stephen Laberge’s technique (google it)


Lisa asks…

Do your dreams ever seem so real that they start to blend in with reality?

It’s happened to me a few times, and other times (even after I’ve been awake for hours) I will remember something that I have to take a while to think about it to realize it was a dream.

I think it’s actually pretty interesting…

P.S. I’m not talking about some little details that you might forget anyway, but major events that would make your life very different. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother asking this question.

Edward answers:

For lucid dreamers, sleep can be even better than reality.

Researchers at Stanford University are now developing software to help people become aware that they are having a dream so that they can then live out their fantasies during REM sleep.

Oneironauts, or lucid dreamers, are conscious when they are having a dream and can control how the dream develops. During lucid dreams, people are “awake” within their dreams, and can sometimes direct what happens next in the dream.

With enough practice you can fly, visit exotic places, experience vivid colors, or eat all the ice cream you want, all without taking your head off the pillow.

Being awake during a dream may seem like a contradiction, but to those involved in lucid dream research, it’s all, well, crystal clear.

“Lucid dreaming lets you make use of the dream state that comes to you every night to have a stimulating reality,” said Dr. Stephen LaBerge, founder of the Lucidity Institute at Stanford University, a research lab that teaches people how to have a lucid dream.

LaBerge said that controlling dreams can also have therapeutic value. Potentially, he said, people can overcome nightmares that haunt them repeatedly. It may even help a person improve in sports, enhance self-confidence or confront problems that elude being solved in waking life.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, a book co-authored by LaBerge and Howard Rheingold, is one of many books to help wannabe lucid dreamers get started. The Lucidity Institute offers a variety of tools for people set on taking charge of their subconscious life.

The Institute’s SuperNovaDreamer kit includes a copy of LaBerge’s book, and the kit recommends reading a few chapters before getting started. The book asks that you learn to recognize “dreamsigns,” or signals within a dream that alert you to your altered state. One common dreamsign: elements within your dream are out of context. Objects are not where they belong within a room, or certain people are in locations they normally wouldn’t be — how often do your parents drop in at the office?

The NovaDreamer includes a mask that tracks eye movement to recognize when you’re in REM as well as to determine the amount of time you take to get to sleep.

Depending on how you configure NovaDreamer (a determination made partially on the basis of how light or heavy a sleeper you are), the NovaDreamer flashes a series of red lights into your (hopefully closed) eyes, providing yet another signal that you are dreaming and can now do whatever you please in the dream.

LaBerge advises novice lucid dreamers to be patient, adding it can take as long as four months or more to regularly have lucid dreams.

LaBerge’s research indicates that when a person does something in their dreams, the experience may be closer to reality than you’d think.

Early experiments show that lucid dreamers have a good comprehension of time while dreaming. Researchers that asked lucid dreamers to move their eyes in a specific pattern, and then repeat the pattern 10 seconds later, found they did so in about the correct amount of time.

Chris asks…

How can I choose what I want to dream about?

I am getting sick of having dreams that I can’t do anything fun in. How can I choose what to dream about?

Edward answers:

During the day repeatedly ask ‘Am I dreaming?’ and perform some reality checks whenever you remember. With practice, if it happens enough, you will automatically remember it during your dreams and do it.
Keep a dream journal. This is perhaps the most important step towards lucid dreaming. Keep it close by your bed at night, and write in it immediately after waking. Or you can keep a recording device if you find it easier to repeat your dream out loud. This helps you recognize your common dream elements (people from your past, specific places, etc.), and also tells your brain that you are serious about remembering your dreams!
Learn the best time to have a lucid dream. By being aware of your personal sleep schedule, you can arrange your sleep pattern to help induce lucid dreams.

Studies strongly suggest that a nap a few hours after waking in the morning is the most common time to have a lucid dream.
Lucid dreams are strongly associated with REM sleep. REM sleep is more abundant just before the final awakening. This means they most commonly occur right before waking up. (Sleep-onset REM is a symptom of narcolepsy. If you have lucid dreams right after falling asleep, you may wish to consider seeking medical advice from a sleep medicine specialist. However, there are studies which show people can recall dreams after being awakened during non-REM sleep).
Dreams usually run in 60-minute (Weiten Psych book 2004) cycles during sleep. If you are working on dream recall, it may be helpful to try waking yourself up during one of these cycles (interrupted dreams are often the ones we remember).
Try Stephen Laberge’s mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming (MILD) technique.

Set your alarm clock to wake you up 4 1/2, 6, or 7 1/2 hours after falling asleep.
When you are awakened by your alarm clock, try to remember the dream as much as possible.
When you think you have remembered as much as you can, return to your place of rest, imagining that you are in your previous dream, and becoming aware that you are dreaming. Say to yourself, “I will be aware that I’m dreaming,” or something similar. Do this until you think that it has “sunk in.” Then go to sleep.
If random thoughts pop up when you are trying to fall asleep, repeat the imagining, self-suggestion part, and try again. Don’t worry if you think it’s taking a long time. The longer it takes, the more likely it will ‘sink in,’ and the more likely you will have a lucid dream.
Immerse yourself in the subject of lucid dreaming. For example, you can look on lucid dreaming websites, watch movies with lucid dreaming (eg. Abre los Ojos), read books about it, etc…
Try marking an “A” (which stands for “awake”) on your palm. Every time you notice the “A” during your waking hours challenge whether you are awake or asleep. Eventually you may see the “A” in your sleep and become lucid.

What time is it?Get into the habit of doing reality checks. Do at least three reality checks every time something seems out of the ordinary, strongly frustrating, or nonsensical, and that habit will carry on into your dreams. In a dream, these will tell you that you are sleeping, allowing you to become lucid. In order to remember to do reality checks in dreams, you need to establish a habit of doing reality checks in real life. One way to do a reality check is to look for “dream signs” (elements that frequently occur during your dreams, look for these in your dream journal), or things that would not normally exist in real life, and then conduct the reality checks. When these actions become habit, a person will begin to do them in her or his dreams, and can come to the conclusion that he/she is dreaming. Some tactics include:
looking at a digital clock to see if it stays constant;
looking at a body of text, looking away, and then looking back to see if it has changed;
flipping a light switch;
looking in a mirror (your image will most often appear blurry in a dream);
pinching your nose closed and trying to breathe;
glancing at your hands, and asking yourself, “am I dreaming?” (when dreaming, you will most often see greater or fewer than five fingers on your hand);
jumping in the air; you are usually able to fly during dreams
poking yourself; when dreaming, your “flesh” might be more elastic than in real life; a common reality check is pushing your finger through the palm of your hand;
Bite your arm. In a dream, you shouldn’t be able to feel your bite.
Try leaning against a wall. In dreams, you will often fall through walls.
Prolong lucid dreams by spinning your body in the dream (suspected of prolonging REM), and rubbing your hands (prevents you from feeling the sensation of lying in bed). Take care while spinning. Remind yourself even as you spin that you are dreaming, as you will find yourself in a completely different location when you stop spinning and may lose lucidity otherwise.
Be Pro-active about your dream. Have a goal in mind and try to a

Linda asks…

How do I mainain conciousness while falling asleep?

The desired effect being me being completely aware of myself while I’m sleeping. Please, NO answers from people who don’t think it’s possible.

Edward answers:

It is not only possible, its easy. Lucid dreaming takes practice, but once you get the hang of it becomes much more natural to slip into. I learned from a book called “lucid dreaming” by stephen laberge, ph.d, and his method was to slowly count while falling asleep. Its simple and unintrusive, allowing the body to drift into an unconscious state while the mind stays focused and “awake”. It worked for me. Usually i get to about a thousand before i stop counting and start flying.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About A Municipal Bond Rating

Richard asks…

Is it wise for my friend to hold muni bonds and muni funds at this point in time?

Her alternative would be stock and stock funds, however with that she would have to be concerned with taxes, fees and volatility or the possibility of a crash. She likes the income she gets on bonds. I personally am into stocks, and can guide her in that direction, but I do not know bonds well and therefore, don’t know what to tell her here. She has a very aggressive financial planner “bond guy” who I am not sure has her best interest at heart. I like Vanguard, Windsor and Wellington and Total Stock Market. She needs income and has big bills and has in the past used the municipal bonds. Is it time to change?
I am posting this for her to read the answers, she can and will make up her own mind…so don’t worry, I am just the messenger…don’t kill the messenger!! Of course I understand her needs are different!

Edward answers:

Right now its okay to be in bonds, but as soon as
interest rates go up, get out of bonds. Those
Vanguard funds you mentioned are some of the
best and your advise is outstanding. Your friend
should drop that planner ASAP.

John asks…

Does a bond price adjust to earn the same interest when market interest rate changes?

I’ve been told that bond prices adjusts to earn the market interest rate. I tested this out with an example when the coupon rate changes and it worked. However when I tested it for changes in the market interest rate, the bond price doesn’t seem to be adjust to earn the same interest at the market interest rate. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be like this since you have are getting the same payments (same coupon rate x same principle)? Thanks

Edward answers:

This may work for treasuries since the risk remains stable and may not work for municipal or corporate bonds.

Also since the market value of the bond rises or falls inversely with the yield, there will be either a capital gain or loss at maturity of the bond. Therefore the yield of a 2.75% or 3.00% coupon bond with the same maturity will not be exactly the same due to the differences in capital gains or loses at maturity.

Daniel asks…

is it better to have stock or taxable bonds in a retirement account?

I have a tax class where one of the questions is is it better to have only stock in a retirement account or only taxable bonds? any ideas??? At this point i think the taxable bonds should go in the retirement account because the coupon interest that is received twice a year is usually taxed at ordinary income tax rates and stock dividends would be at more favorable rates if they were not part of a retirement account. am i correct on this? any help would be great. thnx.

Edward answers:

Neither, actually. Any gain in a retirement account accrues tax-deferred until withdrawal at which time all monies distributed are taxed as ordinary income. How the gains are characterized within the account is irrelevant.

SOME stock dividends are taxed at a lower rate but not all dividends do. Qualified dividends are taxed at the more favorable long-term CG rate but ordinary dividends are taxed as ordinary income. There’s no guarantee that any dividend will be treated as qualified dividends up front, and a company’s dividend payment history is no guarantee of what they will do in the future.

Furhtermore, the principal reason that you’d hold stocks is for capital gains, not dividends. Some companies rarely pay dividends. Even though long term CG rates are lower than the rate on bond interest, the overall growth potential of stocks over time is considerably greater than with bonds which offsets any differences in tax in the long term.

Most financial planners recommend a mix of investments in a retirement account, including stocks and bonds. Within those classifications you should have a further mix of higher yield, higher risk investments as well as lower yield, lower risk investments. As you age you should reallocate your investments towards lower risk in order to preserve capital. While you are younger you can tolerate higher risk in exchange for higher yield since time is on your side and will reduce the overall risk.

The one thing that you do NOT want in a tax-deferred account is tax-free or tax-deferred investments such as municipal bonds or annuities. That would convert tax free or deferred gain into taxed, a foolish choice.

Betty asks…

Where can I find information about the russian mortgage market?

Stuff like the market attractiveness, size, growth rates and what is making it grow.

Edward answers:

The Russian Federation is at the present time 12 years into a radical process of privatization and democratization, begun in 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The process has had many challenges, as might be expected, in no small part due to a lack of prior history with private property and democracy. The Russian government remains today deeply committed to this process, despite setbacks that include the default on government bonds in 1998.

A central component to this process of privatization is the development of a private housing market supported by a private mortgage market. President Putin has a goal of doubling the Russian GDP in ten years, and is on the way to achieving this, with GDP growth at five to seven per cent per year for the last several years. Housing is a central part of the plan for economic growth, as well as critical to meeting the severe housing shortage in the country. An active mortgage market is a key component of a growing private housing industry. For this reason, the Russian Chamber of Accounts (a new government department filling the role played in the U.S. Of the Congressional Budget Office and the General Accounting Office) requested the U.S. Treasury, as part of its program of technical assistance, to send a delegation to Moscow to train federal, regional and local officials on the U.S. Housing finance system. There was particular interest in how the U.S. Government supports, intervenes in, and oversees this market, and in the U.S. Secondary mortgage market.

Prior to 1991, virtually all housing in the Soviet Union was built, managed and owned by Gostroi, a department of the Soviet Government roughly equivalent to the U.S. Department of Housing and Development, but with far more scope and power. Virtually all housing built by Gostroi was high-rise concrete apartments, generally in urban areas. Families were allocated the right to occupy units for minimal rent, but with no rights of ownership (although many families in cities like Moscow effectively owned small dachas in the countryside). Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the new government of the Russian Federation transferred “ownership” of most of these apartments to the current residents of each unit. The word “ownership” is in quotations because the concept of private property, and the legal structure to support this, is still evolving in Russia. One result of this transfer is that the rate of homeownership in Russia today is 68 percent, roughly the same as in the U.S. As one senior government official joked, “At last we have caught up to the U.S. In something!”

Despite this high rate of ownership, housing is in short supply in Russia, and the existing housing suffers from years of deferred maintenance. Gostroi, the governments of various oblasts or regions, and district and local municipal governments are still developing and financing much of what new housing is being built at this time. There is, however, a small though growing group of private developers partnering with different government entities to develop private housing. Overall housing production, though increasing, remains slow. As a result, prices for apartments in Moscow and other major cities are rising rapidly. This is putting intense pressure on affordability, and only a small percentage of Russian citizens can afford new housing without heavy subsidies.

There was, of course, no mortgage market in Soviet times, as all housing was financed by the government and provided virtually free of charge. The Russian Federation, therefore, has had to build the entire infrastructure for mortgage finance from the ground up. They have studied the U.S. Housing finance system as a successful model (with the assistance of a number of U.S. Advisors representing the public and private sector.) The Russians, however, neither wish to nor can they copy the U.S. System exactly.

Many new laws have been adopted since, including such basics as the right to own property, the right to sell it, and the right to pledge it as security for a mortgage. In the last several years, the Federal Mortgage Agency has been created, along with mortgage agencies in a number of the oblasts, and mortgage or housing agencies at the district and municipal levels. Delta Credit, a private Russian/U.S. Joint venture, has also begun creating a private mortgage market. Both the government agencies and Delta Credit work with a few private Russian banks, and some of the government agencies also issue mortgages directly.

Though mortgage money is still scarce in Russia, which is limiting housing construction, mortgages terms are evolving rapidly. In just a few years, the maximum length of a mortgage has been extended from five years to 20, and interest rates have fallen from the mid 20s to 15 percent. Other terms are also moving toward world standards, though loan-to-value ratios are still in the 50-percent range, requiring large cash downpayments. Mortgages have begun to be sold out of the primary market into a secondary market that is less than two years old. This process is hampered by a number of factors, including the absence of credit reporting agencies; and a lack of uniformity in documents, information gathering and reporting, and underwriting standards. It is impossible, therefore, for investors to assess the quality of the pools of mortgages being offered through the secondary market. This has limited investment in these pools, whether directly or through the purchase of mortgage-backed securities (MBSs) to government entities.

Plans are underway to allow government pension funds to invest in MBSs, which will greatly expand funds available for the mortgage system. There are also plans to create a federal guarantee of mortgages and/or mortgage pools, which will do much to make these pools attractive investments for private capital.

The private banking system is, at the present time, still struggling from the aftermath of the 1998 government default. Most Russian banks failed then, and with no deposit insurance, depositors lost all their savings. Deposit insurance is being considered but has not been created yet, and so few Russians are putting funds into Russian banks. This has limited the role of private banks to acting as mortgage brokers, forcing them to await the recent creation of a secondary market to issue mortgages.

Russia, always a country of profound contrasts, is climbing out of 70 years of economic devastation – what is euphemistically referred to as the Soviet “experiment.” Conditions are very difficult for many people, but in Moscow there is a growing and vibrant middle class full of young entrepreneurs and dedicated government employees. There is a hunger to join the world economic system, and enjoy the full benefits of a capitalistic system, even though many among the older or more rural populations are being cruelly left behind.

The hand of the Soviet past is everywhere to be seen, not least in the fears many have of private property and its implications. For instance, a critical aspect of a mortgage is the ability to foreclose in the event of non-payment, and to evict—forcibly if necessary—the former owners. The new land code passed last year now for the first time does make such evictions legal—a family could not be evicted from their apartment in Soviet times—but, and this is still a big “but,” there is as yet no mechanism by which to enforce an eviction. In fact, as plans for a return visit to the U.S. Were discussed, Russian officials specifically requested to meet with the U.S. Marshall Service to understand how evictions are conducted in the U.S.

Despite the challenges ahead for the Russian housing and mortgage system, an extraordinary amount of progress has been made. In only 12 years, the Russians have put in place the basics of a system that took the U.S. 50 years to develop. Given the energy being put into the continuing development of this system, it could be only a few more years before Russia has a world-class mortgage finance system. Then, if the Russian economy continues its rapid growth—which, given the vast natural resources Russia holds, is a reasonable prospect—the housing system itself will also expand. Nothing is certain in Russia, but the opportunities are great, and it is a market worth watching closely in the years ahead.

William asks…

What are examples of Municipal, Treasury, and Corporate Bonds?

I need 5 examples of each of these 3 bonds. Treasury, Municipal, and Corporate. 5 examples for each of them.

Edward answers:

5 examples requires some work. How about 3?



HUNTINGTON IND CNTYWIDE SCH BLDG 05.00000% 07/15/2015CORP FIRST MTG REF BDS SER. 2003 AAA rated priced at 111

WEBBERVILLE MICH CMNTY SCH DIST REF 04.00000% 05/01/2019GO SCHOOL BDS SER. 2006 AA- rated priced at 101.


U S TREAS SEC STRIPPED INT PMT 0.00000% 02/15/2025TINT AAA priced at 49.

UNITED STATES TREAS BDS 6.25000% 08/15/2023 AAA priced at 120

UNITED STATES TREAS BILLS 0.00000% 04/08/2010DT AAA priced at 99.997


GE CAPITAL INTERNOTES 5.50000% 03/15/2023FR AA+ priced at 100.75

DOW CHEM CO DEB 7.37500% 03/01/2023 BBB- (almost junk) priced at 109

ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD 6.87500% 12/01/2013SR NT BB- priced at 101.25

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Your Questions About When A Stranger Calls

Lizzie asks…

What’s a good scary movie to watch that’s not really scary but like 1408 or when a stranger calls?

I want to watch a scary movie but nothing like really scary. I mean something like One missed call, when a stranger calls, 1408 or the uninvited. Like suspense thriller movies. Or maybe something just suspense like broken arrow or speed. I’m open to suggestions. THANKS!!!

Edward answers:

I Am Legend with Will Smith :)

Or some past movies :

– The Departed
– The Silence of the Lambs
– The Sixth Sense.
– Se7en.
– Memento.


Sharon asks…

Scary movies along the lines of When a Stranger Calls?

I want to watch a horror/thriller i havent yet seen. Know any good ones that are kinda along the lines of When a Stranger Calls?

Edward answers:

Jennifer Jason Leigh was in a movie that’s similar to When a Stranger Calls,
I thinkt the name of it was Eyes of A Stranger.
There’s another movie called Intruder.
Inside is a french horror movie, also with the same criteria.
There’s a sequel to the original When A Stranger Calls,
which is about as good as the first one.

Helen asks…

i have a few questions about the 2006 version of when a stranger calls?

ok so if the killer is calling from inside the house the whole time than what is that creepy shadow in the guest house? and do you know any other thriller movies like when a stranger calls? im really into thriller and suspence movies! oh also they would need to be recent movies like starting from 2003 if that makes any sense. no gore!!! and my last question is what did you think of when a stranger calls?

Edward answers:

Black Christmas originated that concept of the killer calling from inside the house.
I’de stick with that one.. It’s the best one.

Dig horror?? Visit our website: www.drgoremans.com

Thomas asks…

when a stranger calls deleted scenes?

I want to know what the deleted scene of the movie when a stranger calls but is it disgusting? Does anyone know what the deleted scene is?
If so what is it of? The dead body in the beginning of the movie?

Edward answers:

I hav no idea buddy about the deleted scene. Its not mentioned in wikipedia

Robert asks…

who was the bad guy in the movie When a stranger calls?

I recently watched it again and i was wondering why they went in slow motion when they showed serial killer’s face in the cop car. Did she know him. If is so who was he in the movie?

Edward answers:

No, he was simply a stranger. That was the whole point of the movie, the villian is completely unknown.

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Your Questions About Anna Shelter

Steven asks…

Cool/cute names for a charity that helps animals and animal shelters?

My little sister is stuck on this idea that she’s going to start a charity that raises money for animal shelters and she keeps bugging me for a name. Any ideas? Something like “Lend a Helping Paw”. Thanks!

Edward answers:

New leash on life?

-this is crazy because my name is anna too and i foster dogs from the shelter :)

Helen asks…

where can you buy inexpensive pillows and blankets in bulk?

like in bulk i am going to donate them to the shelter of 50 so if you know of a place that sells packs of them that would be great!

Thanks for your help!

Edward answers:

Look for the store Anna’s Linens in your area.. They’re super cheap.. Also if you have any swap meets or flea markets in your area.. Sometimes dollar stores or discount stores have blankets and stuff too.. Look in “ethnic” neighborhoods in your city for cheap stores..

Maria asks…

What do you think about the Duggar family?

I don’t like them. They say “we will keep having children as long as god lets us” and I think that is wrong. They need to give their kids individual time, like Jon and Kate do. They take 1 kid out to make them feel special. I don’t like Duggar’s. Especially how all the kid’s names start with J. Especially how they have a Johanna and Jo-Anna

Edward answers:

I answered a question about the Duggar family a while back and I stated that they were “cult-like.”

I cannot state that I do not like the Duggar clan because I do not know them personally.

I do, however, agree with a lot of what you typed.

I think it’s outrageous that Mrs. Duggar is going to continue to procreate until she is physically unable to.

It’s wonderful that Jim Bob and Michelle teach their kids to respect other people and show them compassion.

It’s also great that they teach their children how to behave – a lot of people could learn from them.

That typed, it is selfish of Jim Bob and Michelle to have so many children. Granted, they are very organized but there is no way Michelle and her husband are able to spend quality time with each and every child on a daily basis.

Why on Earth would she have the older siblings care for the younger ones?

Sure, they should help mom out every now and then to give her a break but come on!

I think the Duggars are exploiting their children by placing them on national television.

I feel that those kids are sheltered.

Chris asks…

Can you give me some tips on my writing?

It started like it always did in the stories, a disease that wiped out the majority of the nation and people taking control of government for the wrong reasons. What was America was completely different. I looked around the hot living room, nothing special, a stack of books here, a clock there and the dirty sofa I was sprawled across. The house wasn’t ours. That was obvious by the pictures of a doting couple scattered across the walls, they were probably dead. I picked up a wedding picture; ‘Frank and Anna Fiddler forever’ was scrawled around it in pretty cursive. Where was your forever now? I thought setting it aside.
“Trider? Where are you?” My father called from the hall.
“In here, Dad.”
He stepped in and leaned against the doorframe. He was a tall man with a narrow—but strong—frame and short, dark hair. “We need to go, a refugee was spotted in deadwig. Teenage male. Tall. Skinny.” Refugees were people hiding from the cruel government.
“Yeah, different. Usually the refugees are women.” He reached for the gun sitting on the table and strapped it on his belt before throwing me the other gun. “Let’s go.”
I slid into the passenger seat and propped my booted feet on the dashboard earning a look from my father. “Sorry,” I muttered and crossed them instead.
“Is that our campsite?” My father asked as he squinted his eyes to see the little navy blue tent.
My father parked the jeep in front of the camp and began talking to Johnny, a thick, tall man while Johnny’s brother Kent argued with Georgia. I couldn’t help but notice that her face was turning as red as her hair. I tell what the argument was about, something to do with the radio in their car. A mosquito buzzed in my ear and I swatted at it before entering the tent. It was November, there be any , but after the Disease everything became hotter. The tent was dark and I could make out two figures, Rosie and David. David was the strawberry-blond, blue-eyed son of Johnny. Rosie was a six-year-old refugee we had found three months ago. She never spoke, and never trusted us.
“Any progress?” I asked without much concern.
“No,” he leaned against a pole supporting the tent and crossed his arms tightly. His hair had gotten long enough to curl on the ends.
I peeked out of the tent to see Georgia give up the argument and storm back to her truck. She got in and slammed the door loudly while Kent smirked in amusement.
“David! Trider!” Johnny called.
“C’mon,” I muttered to David. Kent passed us and slipped quietly into the tent, he must be watching Rosie. I hopped into the passenger seat and David in the back. My father shoved the key in the ignition slammed on the gas. Instead of riding with his father, he chose to ride with us. His father and Georgia usually tracked the refugee, David found that boring.
There was static and then the Georgia’s voice came through the radio. “Hello? Can you hear me, Steven?” She asked my father.
“Yes, we can hear you. Have you spotted him yet?”
“Steven, we just left the campsite. How could we have spotted him?”
“Just wanting to know . . .” He trailed off and swerved to avoid hitting a boulder.
“Wait! Maybe! I see—oh, never mind. That was a deer.”
“We can’t just drive around all day looking for some kid who’s probably already fried his brain from the sun,” David said from the backseat after almost an hour had passed.
“We’ve got the time.”
“Do we?” David snapped at my father. “I thought I’d have a nice life and look where I am.”
“Surrounded by people who love you?” My father asked sarcastically, “What a torture.”
“No!” David barked. “Living in fear, feeling like I’m one step closer to what I want most before having it ripped away from me!”
“David, be thankful you aren’t in the camps.” He said the word so quietly I almost didn’t hear. The camps were where the government sent its captures, mostly children or women. The Clan—which was us—found refugees and offered them shelter and food.
“I am. I am thankful, sir.”
David often bickered with the adults of the Clan. Georgia never really did like him, and Kent only tolerated him because David was his nephew. And Johnny basically had to love him, it was his son. David’s mother had a mental breakdown when her sister and mother died in the Disease, she went insane and no one really knew what happened next.
I chose to ignore the argument, like usual. When I argue, I end up hitting the other person. It happened many times before. The sun was beginning to set when we spotted something.
“Georgia?” My father said to the radio. “We see him! He’s leaving Flynn and heading towards Sonling.
“On our way. Stay safe, you guys.”
Johnny’s static-filled voice cut the silence. “David, keep your gun with you at all times.”
“Yes, sir,” David replied.
We parked the car and got out, heading towards the wooded area of the desert. “He’s right,” My dad said. “Trider, David, only shoot if you have too.”
Just some tips on how to make it flow better, how to build character background, this is the first couple paragraphs to a story based in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Anything that you can think of to help and please point out the errors and what’s wrong. Thanks.

Edward answers:

Comma splices to fix
throwing a loaded gun is a great way to kill someone accidentally
you introduce too many character names too quickly
Don’t tell so much background. Let it seep in through context.

Ruth asks…

Do contantly crabbing people get on your nerves?

It bothers the heck out of me when you see people on here crabbing about the Celebs getting crap sentences for really illegal stuff they do. Well, in my opinion they are correct, but it is something that is not going to change by us crabbing about it on YA! My opinion is why don’t they use all of that energy to actually do something good? I don’t see those people petitioning to bring our soldiers home, helping feed the hungry, or shelter the homeless.
constantly works too sometimes…

Edward answers:

What’s even funnier is when these same people have absolute train wreck life styles or work dead end jobs and have no desire to advance in life at all and barely know their own childrens teachers and friends names..etc……BUT they can tell you the uncles and aunts of Anna Nicole Smiths Child and brother and possible dads…etc with no problem.

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Your Questions About Isohunt

Lisa asks…

How do I download torrents from isohunt?

How do I download torrents from isohunt? I used to use Isohunt but they ‘shutdown’ their service in the United States. I know you can still download from Isohunt, I just don’t know how. Do I need some sort of IP change to make it look as though I have an IP from outside the US? Please tell me how.

Edward answers:

You need to find a proxy server outside us, you can get the proxy address from google :)
this should also circumvent the block


it worked for me in turkey where they have an internet filter for some sites.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find a guide to using isoHunt?

I have started using torrent downloads and settled on isoHunt as the torrent site I like the best. I am now looking for the best guide to using the interface but can’t find one. They have umpteen questions and answers, forums, etc., but what I am looking for is an item by item explanation of all the symbols and information across the page for each entry. There are symbols, numbers and other information that I can find no explanation for. A link to where I can find this would be appreciated. Trust me, I have searched. Thanks.

Edward answers:

I don’t really thinks it needs a guide, get a client, download torrents. Theres a number for seeds (ppl sharing), a number of leeches (ppl downloading), and uh.. Thats about it. And ignore that nubsauce Aaron, they’re both pretty equivalent, neither are really groundbreaking torrent sites, try torrentz.com and search all of them at once.

Paul asks…

How can i install morrowind using isohunt?

I’m trying to install morrowind GOTY with isohunt. I mounted the image and i ran the autorun and it starts installer. Before it really starts it gives me a message “The installshield Engine (IKernel.exe) Could not be installed. File not found” But the file IKernel.exe is on the cd. How do i install it?

Edward answers:

A lot of those programs have malware or are not working.

Thomas asks…

How to play a game you downloaded off isohunt?

I just went to isohunt and downloaded a game to utorrent mlb 2k9 and it is 100% downloaded but i cant play it when i want to open it can someone help me thankyou:)

Edward answers:

Get a program that can mount it if it’s an ISO file such as daemon tools, power iso. Search google on how to mount iso files

or if its not just unzip it an run exe.

Im not sure what exactly you have in the file/what kind of file it is. Read instruction if it came with any

Donna asks…

How do i get my psp game to work of isohunt?

I downloaded f1 2009 of isoHunt and it downloaded and i dragged into the psp file then game and then had a look on my memory stick game on psp and it wasnt there what have i done wrong? I do have custom firmware btw :D

Edward answers:

It doesn’t go in GAME. It goes in the ISO folder on the root.

For example, F:ISO, not F:PSPGAME.

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