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Your Questions About Israel

Paul asks…

What incentive does Israel have to achieve peace with its neighbors?

If Israel were to be at peace, the billions of dollars the US gives them might cease and this is one of the main sources of Israel‘s income.

Edward answers:

None. The Muslims would wait until the time is right and then strike.

Idk what are you going to do? We can’t afford to keep subsidizing them. They’ve gotta stand up on their own two feet and defend themsevles now.

Charles asks…

When is Israel going to stop its atrocities and stop killing innocent Palestinians?

Enough is enough, look how many innocent Palestinian civilians have been hurt and killed, they’re the ones living under the real threat, without basic necessities and are always under fear. When is enough enough? Israel is the one who will start the next World War, it shouldn’t even be recognized and no one should send it anymore money.

By the way I’m not Middle Eastern, I’m German and in Germany we’re all aware of all the atrocities Israel has commited and don’t understand why the U.S. keeps sending Israel so much money and anybody who criticizes Israel is called antisemitic.

Edward answers:

You don’t have to STOP doing something that you have never done.

Hamas makes no bones about its intention to kill Israeli civilians with its rocket and mortar fire. Israel contacts residents of buildings housing terrorists or arms caches, and warns then to leave their homes before they are attacked.

Hamas is the evil side, while Israel is the humanitarian side.


Donald asks…

What would Israel do if the new Egyptian President invalidate the peace treaty?

If that new Egyptian has nothing to do with the Muslim brotherhood, he did that because he believe Israel has no right to exist according to History, and because Israel causes much trouble in the middle east and commits war crimes..etc
He only invalidate the peace treaty, but that doesn’t mean he will wage war against Israel. maybe he don’t like the idea of giving the natural sources of Egypt to country like Israel.

Edward answers:

Dear Lina
Do you actually mean the words what you stated?
Country like Israel
Going to history……..kind of thing

First of all Egypt will lose out financially

As it is dependent on the USA aid and money that it draws from Israel.
Israel need not do much about that
But for sure they will feel the pinch of it.
Though they will tackle this through diplomatic channel……
If things can be negotiated they will certainly do that
They have other option available too as they have huge backing from the west and is a nuclear capable nation
They will shift their source to nuclear energy that they have already started.

Now Peace Treaty is for mutual benefit for both nations
If Egypt neutralize this treaty then that would mean it is open to war against Israel.
However hard Egypt then Try but chances are that it may face International Flak

And as with growing Indian and Israeli relation
In Future if Egypt with Arab world go into war with Israel
Chances are it’s complete whitewash.
But the Real problem will be to other Islamic nation as Israel will be no longer associated
to any islamic nation will make it’s Army look for Future and in that case they may look to strengthen their tie in south east nation.

Well! Anyway chances are these thing will remain story only as
Why would any nation do that stupid thing?
Peace Treaty and Business both are in favor of Egypt and Peace in that Region.

I personally admire Israeli Jews as whole around the world
They were butchered and killed barbarically but when they stand against
Islamic Fanatics they make it a point to show the world
what belief and faith in own strength can bring……..by creating a first Jews nation in the world
which is the symbol that at End Truth Prevails.No matter what come against.

Daniel asks…

How do you wear made by Israel cloths to protest matches against Israel?

These protester enjoy Israel technology/patronize Israel Business yet are up in arms against Israel?
Suggest any protester check out their household and see the deeper connection they have with Israel business.
If anyone really have anything against Israel, they should stop patronizing businesses with Israel interest. That way we will know they are serious.

Edward answers:

I wear mine with a great deal of pride.

James asks…

What is Israel doing in the Eurovision Song Contest since they claim Palestine is their homeland?

Palestine isn’t in Europe and neither is the Israeli State, so why is Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest? Could it be that they cannot deny their European roots and therefore do not really belong in the Middle East?

Edward answers:

Good question. Israel is on stolen land, that should be returned. However, Israel is the only jewish state left in the world, it won’t be that easy to abolish it, and since it’s the only one left..shouldn’t we try to preserve Israel? I got a better idea…Israel is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, and the only reason Israel was formed was to give a home to Jews after WW2…So maybe Israelis should go back to live in Europe. If Hitler never went on a kill Jews spree, Israel possibly wouldn’t exist today, and Jews could be safe in Europe. Maybe they should go take over Vatican City, or go somewhere in Europe.

I hear many European countries, and of course Middle Eastern countries, don’t recognize Israel on their maps, but we do. So since Israel doesn’t exist in their eyes, then Israelis are in fact European, in mine. Europe shouldn’t have a problem letting them in. After all, if the Europeans can let in muslims, surely they can let Israeli jews flood into their continent.

Edit @ Me: Isn’t Turkey becoming apart of the European Union? And how is she racist? Just b/c she says Israelis are European or have European roots? Well, I guess most of the Middle East is racist too, since you know, many choose to ignore Israel, etc…Are they racist too? Go look that up before you shout out blant statements.

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Your Questions About Economists Incorporated

William asks…

investment spending as used by economist- GDP?

Which of the following is an example of investment spending as used by economists?

Mr. Scarcity purchases 100 shares of stock in an international corporation.

Ms. Equilibrium purchases the home her mother grew up in.

Mr. Scarcity purchases $20,000 in government securities.

Macronian Sugar Works, Incorporated purchases the Micronian Fruit Corporation.

The Island Fish Company purchases a new boat for its fleet.

Its either D or E but I am not sure because both of them are type of investment spending that would be included in GDP

Edward answers:

The Island Fish Company purchases a new boat for its fleet

The others are just a change or ownership of an existing asset not creation of a new one, that is production. When a good (the boat) is produced for either investment or consumption the selling price is used to for the value in GDP calculations. If it is not sold but added to inventories, the selling price of identical goods is used.

Thomas asks…

Calculation of GDP of a nation – contradictory issue?

to all the economist out there.
GDP definition is measurement of market value of all finished goods and services for ULTIMATE USERS. I believe this does not include intermediate goods because it would double-count some goods.
my question is – would market value of capital goods (plants and equipments used by industries to product consumer goods) be included in the measurement of GDP?? In my opinion capital goods are intermediate goods and their cost is an input in the production of final goods. Hence the value of final goods incorporates the value of capital goods. Therefore capital goods should not be included in the measurement of GDP. But i am not sure if i am correct ?
any advise would be helpful.
“I” represents gross private domestic investment and it is a component in measuring GDP.

Say a firm that produces consumer goods invests in a machinery. In national accounts the cost of this machinery would be included in “I”. To the firm, the cost of this machinery would be an input in the production process and the final goods produced would incorporate this cost. This final goods produced are also included in the measurement of GDP.

Therefore, including “I” in the GDP measurement means double-counting the investments firms make in plants and machinery. Isn’t this a problem with GDP measurement? I think I am missing something here?

Edward answers:

Y = C + I + (X – M)+ G

There is no double spending.

Nancy asks…

Has CPI(M) lost its relevance in West Bengal ?

The way the political outfit of CPI(M) is handling events in West Bengal, it seems that their relevance needs to be seriously questioned. Agriculture is not prosperous anymore to Government, so they want manufacturing in, for which farmers have to be evicted. Isn’t service sector more suitable than manufacturing, and aren’t the virtual services more “profitable” than their contempories ? TATAs have a legacy of improving production after lowering workers. How can People’s car project be an exclusion ? TATAs can incorporate Peoples Car with existing assembly lines, why aren’t they doing this ? Most of the advisors to W Bengal government are economists and so are their rulers. How do they come to conclusion that their party can do without support of common citizens ? Has CPI(M) become another corporate ?

Edward answers:

Ya dude you are absolutely write

Mandy asks…

Economics profits, losses, and analysis?

2 questions!
1. From society’s point of view the economic function of profits and losses is to …??

2. Joe sold gold coins for $1000 that he bought a year ago for $1000. He says, “At least I didn’t lose any money on my financial investment.” His economist friend points out that in effect he did lose money, because he could have received a 3 percent return on the $1000 if he had bought a bank certificate of deposit instead of the coins. The economist’s analysis in this case incorporates the idea of… what?

Edward answers:

1.) Reward success, punish failure

2.) The difference between a financial loss and an economic loss

Linda asks…

Economic questions please help!?

Competition means that:
a. sellers can manipulate market price by causing product scarcities
b. there are independently-acting buyers and sellers in each market
c. a product can be purchased at a number of different prices
d. there is more than one seller in a market

Joe sold gold coins for $1000 that he bought a year ago for $1000. He says,”At least I didn’t lose any money on my financial investment.” His economist friend points out that in effect he did lose money, because he could have received a 3 percent return on the $1000 if he had bought a bank certificate of deposit instead of the coins.
The economist’s analysis in this case incorporates the idea of:
a. opportunity costs.
b. marginal benefits that exceed marginal costs.
c. imperfect information.
d. normative economics.

Edward answers:

B – Simply a definition of competition.
A – Opportunity cost is the value of the next best alternative forgone for a decision; exactly what is being described.

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Your Questions About Day Trading Strategies

James asks…

How long can a good day trading strategy last?

How often do you have to change your strategy if you want to last more than two decades trading for living if you find one to start with?

Edward answers:

A good strategy can last a lifetime, if you define a strategy as an entire repertoire of tactics and a way to determine which tactic to use at any given time.

Option market makers have had essentially the same strategy since the 1970s. Many (but certainly not all) of them have retired comfortably after trading for decades.

If you mean an individual tactic, it can remain good anywhere from a few minutes to over five years. During much of the 1990s anyone, from the day trader to the long-term investor, consistently taking long positions in “dot-com” companies would have done very well.

Richard asks…

Martin Luther King Jr day?

What do Americans do during the celebration??
And when is the celebration?? Is there aby specific date??
I want a thorough and holistic answer, please!!

Edward answers:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, is a United States holiday marking the birthdate of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King’s birthday, January 15. It is one of three United States federal holidays to commemorate an individual person


Martin Luther King Day was founded as a holiday promoted by labor unions in contract negotiations. [2] After King’s death in 1968, Rep. John Conyers introduced a bill in Congress to make King’s birthday a national holiday, highlighting King’s activism on behalf of trade unionists. Unions did most of the promotion for the holiday throughout the 1970s. In 1976, trade unionists helped to elect Jimmy Carter, who endorsed the King Day bill. After that endorsement, union influence in the King holiday campaign declined, and the King Center turned to support from the corporate community and the general public. The success of this strategy was cemented when musician Stevie Wonder released the single “Happy Birthday” to popularize the campaign in 1980 and hosted the Rally for Peace Press Conference in 1981. Six million signatures were collected for a petition to Congress to pass the law, termed by a 2006 The Nation article as “…the largest petition in favor of an issue in US history.” [3]

Opposition to the bill was led by Senator Jesse Helms, who questioned whether King was important enough to receive such an honor. He was also critical of King’s opposition to the Vietnam War and accused King of having Communist connections.

President Ronald Reagan was also opposed to the holiday. He relented in his opposition only after Congress passed the King Day Bill with an overwhelming veto-proof majority (338 to 90 in the House of Representatives and 78 to 22 in the Senate).

At the White House Rose Garden on November 2, 1983, Reagan signed a bill creating a federal holiday to honor King. It was observed for the first time on January 20, 1986.

On January 17, 2000, for the first time, Martin Luther King Day was officially observed in all 50 U.S. States.[4] The day is marked by demonstrations for peace, social justice and racial and social equality, as well as a national day of volunteer community service.

On January 16, 2006 Greenville County, South Carolina, was the last county in the U.S. To officially adopt Martin Luther King Day as a paid holiday.
In Arizona and New Hampshire, Martin Luther King Day is known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Civil Rights Day. In the year 2000 the Utah State Legislature voted to change the name of the holiday from Human Rights Day to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. In that same year Governor Michael O. Leavitt signed the bill officially naming the holiday “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.”

Although the day is a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states, it is usually not observed by small private companies except for banks. Some large corporations close their operations (more so than on Veterans Day or Columbus Day, which are also federal holidays, but less so than on holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day when virtually all corporations are closed), but small shops, restaurants, and grocery stores tend to remain open. Overall, in 2007, 33% of employers gave employees the day off, while 33% of large employers over 1,000 and 32% of smaller employers gave time off. The observance is most popular amongst nonprofit organizations and least popular among factories and manufacturers. [5] The reasons for this have varied, ranging from the recent addition of the holiday (each year more businesses are closed than the year before, though often those that do choose to close “make it up” by no longer closing for Presidents Day) to its occurrence just two weeks after the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when many businesses are closed for part of or sometimes all of the week. Additionally, many schools and places of higher education are closed for classes; others remain open but may hold seminars or celebrations of Dr. King’s message.

Service Day

The national Martin Luther King Day of Service was started by former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Harris Wofford and Atlanta Congressman John Lewis, who co-authored the King Holiday and Service Act. The federal legislation challenges Americans to transform the King Holiday into a day of citizen action through volunteer service in honor of Dr. King. The federal legislation was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on August 23, 1994. Since 1996, the annual Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service has been the largest event in the nation honoring Dr. King

George asks…

Trading Stocks- Strategies!?

What is the easiest to use stock-trading software to use (I’m not talking about broker, I use Sogotrade!)?

What search functions do you implement?

How much real money have you made?

Edward answers:

I am not familiar with any of the software packages out there. I am, however, a successful trader, having managed my own portfolio with a significant profit (this is how I support my family…) for about ten years now. I do it the easy way. First, I do not take advice on individual stocks from anyone. I do my own research. I make my own decisions. I punch the keys to execute every trade. (no automatic trades…) I have been told that anyone who trades for more than 90 days without going bankrupt is a success. Whether true or not, I have exceeded that milestone by far.

Now, how did I learn to do this successfully? Easy. I spent 10 years reading every book on tradeing and markets I could find. I studied technical trading. I studied fundamentals. I watched markets over time. I learned a few companies inside out. Then, after 10 years, I set aside a small amount of cash, and dove into the market. From my initial investment of 15K, I am now in positions that exceed my own expectations.
I had set out to support my family comfortably, and grow my reserve by 10% a year. I have greatly exceeded that goal, and as the total funds I am trading grow, it just gets easier. It has taken me exactly 20 years to be an overnight success! As to the total amount of real money I have made, suffice it to say that I have just graduated my third child from Uni, and I am driving a modest 2008 vehicle. I have a small mortgage that is getting smaller. Otherwise, no debt. To make it work, do your homework, develop a plan, then discipline! Software is a poor substitute for education, a plan, and discipline.

Ruth asks…

how to get started with day trading?

just wanted to know what i need to get started with day trading for example what programs or website i may use,and if some knows a good website that may explain how.

Edward answers:

Day Trading—–>You should have very special strong Technical Startegy and Basic Fundamentals
Position Trading or Investing —-> You Should have very special Strong Fundamental Concept and Basic Technical Knowledge.

Are you Going to Day trade Stocks or Exchage Traded Derivatives ( Futures and Options)???

Anything you Trade, you should have

1. Open A/C with the Brokerage
2.Get the Platform based on your Needs ( Costs, efficiency , you necessary tools, simplicity etc..)

Above all, Without Strong Technical Strategy , Your chance of succedding in Day trading less than 1%.( It will be like Gambling NOT speculation).

Getting your own startegy is hard part of game. You need to develop your own startegy .No body or clasess will teach you that. You are best teacher for you.

If you get the startegy perfect , after that, everything will be totally fun ride .

It may take lot of time ( months, year ), hardwork, patience , perseverance and determination to discover your own technical startegy.

That is the outline.

If you have any question email me.freeriver10@yahoo.com

Good luck.

Robert asks…

Swing trading strategy?

Does anyone have any good ideas for a swing trading strategy? Maybe buy when 7-day EMA crosses over 17-day EMA? Any suggestions?

Edward answers:

Hi there,

There are many ways to play swing trading.

Let me give you 1 way to play (Duration : 3-14 days)
–> Upwards bias : 8 EMA crossing up 21 EMA + Positive Stochastics + Positive MACD.
–> Downwards bias : 8 EMA crossing down 21 EMA + Negative Stochastics + Negative MACD.

Note: Positive may also mean sloping up. Negative may also mean sloping down.

Hope this helps.

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Your Questions About William Wayne Company

Nancy asks…

Are Native Americans called Indians because they are from India?

Why are Native Americans called Indians if they are not from India like Cherokee Indians or Arawak Indians or Navajo or Plains Indians? Rastafarians in Jamaican cultures were from African Slaves as did the settlers from England as did Selassie. They were found by European Explorers. Some examples were Christopher Columbus, Hernando de Soto and Hernan Cortes. French, Dutch, Spanish and British pirates and swashbuckling buccaneers (not like Pirates of the Caribbean) encountered certain Indian tribes in the West Indies, Mexico, the Bahamas, Florida and in the Carolinas to raid and enslave them in the Early 1700s while landing ashore from Europe. Alexander Spotswood Governor of Virginia was against that. In the American West Cowboys fought the Plains Indians and Southwest Indians over land. It was said that in the New World the Acadians brought Zydeco music to Louisiana. These Indians fought in the Mississippi Delta. In New England, the Algonquian Indians traded with The Hudson’s Bay Company and Fur Trappers such as Samuel de Champlain and other French Canadians. It was thought that Vikings and Indians raided Greenland and Iceland in the 13th Century. Indians have crossed the Bering Straight from Peter The Great of Russia. The American Revolution and General Washington encountered Indians as far in the future as The Civil War. The French and Indian and 1812 wars took place in The Eastern and Southern United States from Florida and New Orleans to New York and Connecticut. They are also seen encountered by white men in some movies such as “John Wayne” when the white men cross into Indian territory on horses, and “The Buccaneers” episode of Aztec Gold where pirates and Indians greet Montezuma when the pirates land ashore from their pirate ship. When Pilgrims landed from England to Massachusetts, they showed the Indians how to plant crops and how to hunt and eat and kill Thanksgiving Turkey. Bears, owls, deer, fox, coyote among other animals are worshipped by the Indians. The Indians were the first peoples to duck hunt and waterfowl hunt and carve Duck Decoys, as we see hunters like Delta Waterfowl, Drake Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited today. Outlaws Sheriffs and Gunmen of the Santa Fe and Ghost Towns killed Indians like Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp. This caused raids between the Outlaws and Indians. Later on, however, William F. Buffalo Bill Cody and Annie Oakley (Little Sure shot), portrayed the stereotypical Indians in his Wild West Show and then from there, the rest is history the way we talk or see Indians as for example greeting white man as “How!” (We say How because of that Cody!) Mexicans were descendants of Mayans and the rest is history as far as we know what Spanish and Latin speaking cultures see it as today. However, Indians and people from India have one thing in common. They are both Mongoloid. Are Native Americans called Indians because they are from India?

Edward answers:

You sure take a LOT of words to ask a simple question. Do you go on like this, taking over 400 words, when you ask somebody to pass you the potatoes at dinner?

People from India are Mongoloid? That is one of the strangest over-generalizations I have read on YA for a while. There are six major, and dozens of minor ethnic / anthropological groups in India. These include Indo-Aryans, Western Bracycephals, Dravidian, Mongoloids, Austrics, and Negrito.

Native Americans also have a complex genetic history, with up to five different source populations. Some of these are Siberian, Chukchi, Jomon, and Athabascan.

Most anthropologists classify Native Americans as a separate linage from “Mongoloids”. This includes such distinguished scientists as Douglas J. Futuyma, Roger J. Lederer, Jack D. Forbes, Theodore Schurr, and many others.

Mandy asks…

is wend williams hated by every celeb?

In an incident on her Hot 97 show in 1995, Williams notoriously aired rumors that Tupac Shakur was raped in prison. Shakur was furious over the rumor, which New Jersey underground rapper Chino XL referenced in a song, “Riot”. Shakur later addressed Wendy Williams on the song “Why U Wanna Turn On Me?”, which remained unreleased until his death in 1996. In the song, Shakur insults Williams mainly in the last verse and the outro, stating that he prays she “chokes on the next dick down [her] throat” and refers to her as a “fat troll,” and threatening a $20,000 Jenny Craig hit on her. Shakur’s former boss, Suge Knight, however, has since become a frequent guest on the Williams’ WBLS show.

In 2003, Williams caused controversy while interviewing Whitney Houston on her alleged drug habits and tumultuous marriage to Bobby Brown. At several points in the interview, Houston berated Wendy with expletives and told Williams “if this were back in the day in Newark I’d meet you outside, but not now, because I’m a lady with class.”

Williams has been addressed in song lyrics by several artists, among them Will Smith, Lil’ Kim, Mariah Carey, and Lil Wayne. In Will Smith’s track “Mr. Niceguy”, he mentions Williams by rapping:

Wendy Williams, you don’t know me,
I’m not your punching bag, you won’t blow me… up.
Girl better leave me alone,
Before I buy your radio station and send ya home…
A portion of Lil’ Kim’s track, “Shut Up Bitch” on her album The Naked Truth says:

Don’t come around here with that Wendy Williams shit/get your facts straight or shut up, bitch!
Mariah Carey’s hit single “Touch My Body”, alludes to Williams as the person whom Carey compares to other people invading her personal space: “‘Cause they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview.”

In Lil Wayne‘s song, “Million Dollar Baby”, he says:


Williams has been criticized by rapper Method Man for airing facts about his family’s personal life which he would rather remained private.

On March 25, 2008, the New York Post reported that Nicole Spence, talent booker for the Williams experience, filed papers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suing Williams. Spence, 27, claims that Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, demanded sex from her on many occasions and created a hostile work environment by threatening and assaulting his wife on company premises. “Mr. Hunter repeatedly sexually propositioned me at work in the most crude and vulgar ways,” Spence states. Spence also says that Williams did nothing to stop the alleged abuse, and in fact “offered to take me shopping so I could dress ‘like a sexy little bitch,’ as Mr. Hunter demanded.” Both Williams and Hunter deny the charges.[6][7]
and omarosa

Edward answers:

I would say she’s hated by MOST celebrities.

Jenny asks…

I have real estate question?

I live in Wayne county Romulus Michigan.I’m looking to sell my home and I tried searching for agents servicing my area.I’m new to computer internet and I just can’t find company‘s . Does anyone know well known real estate company‘s names I can try?I only know two KELLER WILLIAMS and RE MAX I’d like try few more places see what they have to offer and pricing they charge to sell my home.I can’t do as owner by self because I need a agent to negotiate smaller payoff on a equity loan and stop for closure by proving I’m selling my home to pay them.

Edward answers:

There are:
Keller Williams
Coldwell Banker
Century 21
Realty World
Bluewater GMAC

You can go to www.realtor.com and find some help there.

Chris asks…

rapper’s emo/scene kid style late 2008… theory.?

okay, so i noticed this and was wondering if anyone else saw it too. have you noticed how rappers/ hip-hop artist have been wear A LOT of scene kid style or like very urban clothing ? its like…. a mix of american apparel and hot topic. i havent seen rappers wear baggy clothes past summer. i always knew Pharrell had that kind of style i REALLY noticed it at the VMA’s. weezy wearing straightlegg jeans ? dont get me wrong i think its awsome just kind of one of those i didnt see it comming things. i’ve seen this style with rappers


-skinny jeans/ straight leg jeans
- chains hanging off the skinny jeans
- skinny jeans with pastry shoes
- tight fit tee’s
-tight fitting sweatshirts
- RAY BAN style/ BIG sunglasses
- city neck scarves
-VERY preppy. “gentleman look) sweaters, ties ECT.
- less “bling”
- skater shoes
- classy jackets
- what i call “the girlfriend zip-up” (when scene guys wear girly looking zip up hoodies with all the abstract designs all over them over a company/band or cartoony t-shirt)
- crooked hat of course :)

EXAMPLES to back up my theory

Pharrell wearing girlfriend zip-up, neck scarve, cartoony t-shirt:


Kanye and Pharrell: sporting some raybans on pharrell BIG sunglasses on Kayne. jacket on kanye, skater shoes on both. company t on pharrell.


Pharrell wear big sunglasses, straightless jeans, tight sweatshirt, skater shoes.

Kanye could model for american apparel here with the glasses and pants. GREEN Skinny’s/ sweater


Rich Boy: uhm look at his shirt ! prepppy. tight blue v neck. American Apparel


neck scarve twice from pharrell


pharrell cartoony t

Pharrell Williams

AND FINALLY…. what told me i wasnt going crazy here:

weezy VMA skinny jean

skinny jean vest… fadora ?


LIL wayne and T-pain BOTH skinny. pastry shoes and chains with

lil wayne t pain vma

SUPER SKINNY JEANS on weezy ! and there colored ! red ! WITH CHAINS

lil wayne and kid rock

does anyone else see it ?

Edward answers:

I just noticed that a while ago.. Didn’t see it coming though.

Donna asks…

jeans for my body? (measurements included)?

I need help finding jeans for my body. I would buy from the kids section but I’m too wide (fat).

Hips: 33.5 in.
Waist: 28 in.
Thigh: 22 in.
Inseam: 26 in.

Brands would be wonderful. And types of jeans (bootcut, skinny, flare..) And I can’t get my jeans tailored or online because my parents won’t allow it. I’m 15 by the way, and short. I’m going on vacation to California and I’m going to go to the Brea Mall. So it would be nice if you could chose jeans within those stores. Those stores are:
Abercrombie & Fitch
Aldo Shoes
American Eagle Outfitters
American Greetings
Anchor Blue
Ann Taylor
Apple Computer
Auntie Anne’s Pretzels
Banana Republic
Barkworks (Pet Store)
Bath & Body Works
Beach Works
bebe Sport
Ben Bridge Jewelers
Best Nails
Boardwalk Surf-Skate-Snow
Borders Express
Bostonian Shoe
Brighton Collectibles
California Pizza Kitchen
California Rock & Roll Japanese Sushi
Carlton Hair International
Cathy Jean Shoes
Champs Sports
Charles David
Charlotte Russe
Cheesecake Factory, The
Chloe Accessories
Claire’s Boutique
Country Collections
Crabtree & Evelyn
Dairy Queen / Orange Julius
Daisy Shoppe
Disney Store, The
Everything But Water
Express Men
Foot Locker
For Love 21
Forever 21
Fred Meyer Jewelers
Frederick’s of Hollywood
Game Stop
Garden Gourmet/California Squeeze
Gengis Khan
Glen Ivy Day Spa
Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Godiva Chocolatier
Great Steak & Fry Co.
Hand & Mind
Helen’s Beauty Supply & Hair Salon
Hollister & Co.
Hot Dog On A Stick
Hot Topic
Icing by Claire’s
J. Crew
Janie and Jack
JCPenney Salon
Kay Jewelers
Kevin Jewelers
Lady Foot Locker
Lane Bryant
Le Diplomate Cafe
Life Uniform
Liz’s Nails
Lucky Brand Jeans
MAC Cosmetics
Macy’s men’s, children & home
Mani GI Italy
Mimi Maternity
Mode Plus
Mrs. Fields Cookies
MW Tux
Naturalizer West
New York & Company
Oka-San Teppanyaki
Olive Garden
Palm Tree
Panda Express
Perfume Gallery
Photo Perfections
Picture People
Piercing Pagoda
Planet Funk
Popstar Girls
Pottery Barn
Precision Time
Radio Shack
Red Lobster
Red Robin
Regis Salons
Ritz Camera
Robert Wayne Footwear
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Sam’s Tailoring
See’s Candies
Select Comfort
Shoe Clinic
Spencer Gifts
Sporting Eyes
Sports Treasures
Steve Madden
Stride Rite
Suncoast Motion Picture Company
Sunglass Hut / Watch Station
Sunglass Hut International
Surf City Squeeze
Swarovski Crystal
Sweet Factory
Tacos & Company
Talbots Petites
Teriyaki Palace
The Body Shop
The Children’s Place
The Limited
The Limited Too
The Optometrist
Things Remembered
Thomas Station
Vellano Luggage
Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret Beauty
Vitamin World
Volcano Tea House
Wetzel’s Pretzels/Cold Stone Creamery
Whitehall Co. Jewellers
Wilsons Leather
Windsor Fashions

Edward answers:

I feel you girl im short and wide(fat) too with a big ass! Lol. I would definetly go with something with a slight flair. Nothing too big but to too skinny either bc you want to even out your curves. Also stick with darker, slimming jeans. Be sure that they aren’t too tight these will make you look bigger, and they are uncomfortable anyways!

As far as stores I usually go to Old Navy..but that isn’t on your list so maybe H&M, JCPenney, and American Eagle.

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Your Questions About Best Investments In India

Mary asks…

which sector is most attractive in terms of share investment in india?

Edward answers:

In India now a days current investment sectors are equity shares of PSU banks like pnb, sbi, boi, bob as well as in private sector banks axis, icici, hdfc. You can invest in Pharma sectors also.

Also you can do fixed deposit investment which is very safe, why not to invest in fixed deposit as well as stock market. You can invest in corporate fixed deposits or company fixed deposits http://www.rrfinance.com/Fixed_Income/FixedDeposit.aspx

Betty asks…

30 Laks investment in chennai, india?

i am planing to leave the current job in gulf and start any suitable business in chennai, india.

my total money in hand is: 35 laks rupees.

pls. anybody suggest and guide me which business can i start in india, chennai.

note: i dont have any experience in any kind of business.

Edward answers:

Bro Here are some sectors which u can get profit if u plan properly

Chennai has lot of Middle Class people and high class people too… Which means people who like quality and customer care…dont forget Value for money

Fast Food Chains and hotel (High-Middle Class) Eg: McDonald, KFC , Domino’s, BBQ Nations….etc

High Class Bakery…Can see a lot of money in this sector…. If the taste of cake, only the cake is excellent…. U can see money…..mcrennett .only their cakes are good…others are shit..still people buy…
Eg; mcrennett , French Loaf etc

Travels and call taxi…always busy business but lots of competitions…Tourist Advice agency should be good for u…low investment too…

Gift Shop…Shit U can see unlimited money in this….. U can sell Rs 100 product for Rs 1000…Because No one knows the Real MRP of the gift they buy… People buy a piece of Card Board for Rs 100 because it is called Greeting card…ever wondered how much it would take to actually manufacture it in large scale?

Start a Bike Rent agency and place it near places like Tambaram railway station or Guindy railway station ….and watch what happens…

Premium Mobile Service center… Bro really if u can give a better service and give back my mobile in few days than Micromax service center for a affordable Price I will be Ur First Customer…Chennai Really Needs a Premium Service center because noone is trusting their mobile service center anymore mostly because it takes months to get my phone back repaired…..

Small Soda joints are becoming popular…during summer times..Business goes crazy..

Start a Ice Cream Parlour like Ibaco….in high class areas…sit back and watch ur money grow..

Small But Stylish Cloth shops will make u rich…Not like Saravana Stores…but like Urban touch….

Starting a business has lots of other aspects tooo location, marketing etc etc

I can Go On and On but I dont want people calling me Mr WIKIPEDIA :P

In case U Want any consultancy u can contact me at pmohan.murugan@gmail.com

John asks…

scheme for the investment in india?

in the real astete

Edward answers:

Yes IPL is one of the impotant thing of our life. If you are interested you can investment it

Sharon asks…

Investment in india’s space programme early after independence justified?

Was such an investment justified when India was yet to become self reliant in agriculture and industry? Hence Underline the importance of space program development in India.

Edward answers:

Your question is an important question as many people were asking the same question, all over the world when Mars Orbiter was launched from India. Many countries were against this launch, as they thought that India is a poor country and it must use money invested towards space program towards poverty.

Well, For Example, recently Cyclone Phailin hit India in the eastern coast of India. If India wouldn’t have launched INSAT 3-D which is India’s advanced meteorological satellite, millions of people would have lost their lives. The satellite helped in tracking the cyclone and helped in preventing a massacre.

James asks…

foreign investment in real estate in india?

what is required for a foreign investor to invest in real estate in india

Edward answers:

The Reserve Bank of India regulates foreign ownership of property in that country.

Although FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the Indian real estate sector was first permitted in 2005, and is allowed to the extent of 100% foreign ownership (conditional), the intent was to encourage financial investment in the commercial sector. This relaxation of the nation’s foreign property ownership laws is what has driven the recent boom in the Indian real estate market.

An updated FAQ item dated Feb. 1st, 2007: “Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property in India by a person resident outside India” on the Bank of India website www.rbi.org states that:

“A foreign national of non-Indian origin, resident outside India cannot purchase any immovable property in India”.

IThough this clearly refers to individuals, (as opposed to foreign owned corporations), have read that the bank has made exceptions for individuals if certain conditions are met, but would have to verify with contacts there. See additional International Buyer resources and credentials in source below.

Good Luck, and hope this helps.

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