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Your Questions About Is Kevjumba A Heterosexual Bear Wrestler

Sharon asks…

Is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

haha i had to ask this :) only kevjumba fans would know the answer

Edward answers:

OH BABY HE IS! Defs not gay ;)
Let’s devour the internet with this quote

Richard asks…

Is Kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

Is he?

Edward answers:

If he says so.

Charles asks…

Is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

Edward answers:

Lol good question but its in the wrong section. Is that the top searched question about kevjumba yet?

Mandy asks…

Is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

Edward answers:

Definitely is. Cant you just tell by looking at him?

George asks…

Is kevjumba a heterosexual bear wrestler?

Edward answers:

No that’s Pedobear.

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Your Questions About Economists View

Laura asks…

why do economists view trade as a win-win situation? PLEASE PLEASE HELP.?

The advantages of trade are discussed in a PPF model. Using the model, please help me explain why economists view trade as a win-win situation. In your answer, be sure to distinguish between ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE and COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE.

thanks a lot!!!:))

Edward answers:

Because trade will increase welfare and living standard of both nations.

Susan asks…

The mainstream view among economists is that?

A)society faces a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, but only in the short run.

B)society faces a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, but only in the long run.

C)society faces a tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, both in the short run and in the long run.

D)no tradeoff exists between unemployment and inflation, either in the short run or in the long run.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question:)

Edward answers:

The answer is A said NAIRU.I don’t know that it is mainstream or not.But it should be freshwater.

John asks…

How economists view the term ‘cost’?

Edward answers:

Cost is the value that has been used to produce something, and hence is not available for alternative use as a result of that decision.

Robert asks…

Why do economists have the most realistic view of the world?

Some people on here should take some economics courses it will greatly expand your knowledge of the world we live in. Liberals still can’t understand a free-market and capitalism. Why not? have you not live in America or gone to a public school (which will teach you the basics of our government and economy) This question is for left wingers, not moderates because they tend to understand how the world economy works. Do you understand why economic conservatives want less taxes, gov’t spending etc? I understand that some social programs are necessary but far-left wing liberals idealogy is slowing economic growth. Please only intelligent debate no ignorant raves. It just seems that economists have a better more realistic view of the world and if we tought more ecomomic theory to people they would understand the world economy better and stop bitching about pointless things and work harder to get better jobs.
Tax breaks do stimulate the economy look what happened under the Bush administration. Obviously putting more money into the consumers hand will stimulate an economy because those consumers will go out and buy things at least here in America, so please don’t argue that. It’s common sense not even economics. I think we need to find a better balance between taxes though. Yes, there is bad with capitalism and yes the government needs to regulate, I’m not arguing that, but I will point out that we have drastically improved the quality of life not only here but around the globe (to those governments willing).

Edward answers:

Ecconomics is just sociology applied to capitalism. It’s more of a philosophy than a science, which means that economists may understand why something happened, but they won’t be able to predict anything as if it were a science. You’re right about Left-Wing ideology, but economic growth is not the be-all and end-all of societal happiness. Just because an economy is growing, that doesn’t mean the society is a wonderful place to live in, I can use China as an example. Great economic growth, poor civil rights and societal happiness.

Lisa asks…

What is the “economists” view of this financial crisis? (Serious Question)?

Here is my view. Please challenge. I’d be interested in your views:

If Government keeps taxes lower than they should be, prints money, and borrows money – you increase the money supply. People feel good about their finances. That creates demand to improve their dwelling. The demand fuels prices. Rising property prices gives banks confidence to lend (as the asset is rising in value). So thats what I think was going on.

Now who do you blame?

There’s a choice of 3.

The consumer
The banks
The government

The consumer – mostly they are not economists. They can’t see the bigger picture. They can only observe that buying property increases their wealth. The more they can borrow – the more money they make. They look to the past and see many people have done this – and made a wise choice.

The banks – they are a business. Driven by profit. Lending in a rising price market is low risk. As the years went by they got more ambitious, and took more risk. Loans above 100% though were reckless.

Government – these are the people who were keeping taxes lower than sustainable, printing money, and borrowing to meet the account deficit. This policy was never going to last.

So I believe the current problem was forseeable,

To whom do I attach blame.

Government 90% to blame

Banks 10% to blame. Especially making loans above 100%

Some consumers individual consumers may be to blame but not as a whole.

The Governement choice : to bailout or not to bailout.

To me thats like asking how would you prefer to crash your car – into a wall or over a cliff. One might be less costly.

I say the government shouldn’t have put rocket fuel at the gas stations.

====== ======

Please – challenge some or all of it. It all helps understanding. Thanks.

Edward answers:

Firstly, printing money does not increase money supply, it causes runaway inflation and devalues money.

The government is not really to blame for the actions of private banks and private individuals. Nobody makes you borrow more money than you can afford to repay, and banks themselves chose to lend irresponsibly.

Rising house prices sound good in theory, but who do they really benefit? Pricing buyers out of the market is not productive. If you plan to move, high prices only help if you plan to trade down, or leave the private sector all together.

People like to blame governments in bad times, and not give them credit for the good times, this has always been the case. The government is easy to remove, just vote for someone else. Banks, though, we are stuck with.

Government bail-outs like those recently seen in America, and the nationalisation of a high street bank in the UK, are vital. The government would come under even more fire if ordinary people lost their deposits in a failed bank.

I would say banks 99% to blame, greedy, irresponsible consumers 1% to blame, government 0% to blame but can’t win whatever it does.

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Your Questions About Fafsa

Susan asks…

How do I reduce my EFC legitimately for FAFSA and CSS PROFILE?

How do I reduce my EFC legitimately for FAFSA and CSS PROFILE? Can I reduce my EFC by not reporting certain savings and investiment assets that aren’t verifiable? If not, what other legitimate ways to fill out FAFSA and CSS PROFILE such that I get the lowest EFC?
Will shifting student’s savings and assets to parent’s savings and assets help reduce EFC?

Edward answers:

You have to and must put down everything into the FAFSA and the amount for everything must be the truth and exactly the right amount. If the government, IRS .. Those people that find out that you cheated, it would be a big trouble.

The only way for the EFC to go down – it would be one of your parents quit their job and not working. Even if your parents are divorce, I think you would have to still report the other parent.

Sharon asks…

How do I apply for fafsa living in my car?

I want to go to school, yet, I live in my car. I’ve heard about Financial Aid, and Fafsa, but how would I go about trying to get that Financial Aid when I live in my car?

Edward answers:

What’s the mailing address on your tax returns? Use that address. They won’t be sending you anything in the mail anyway. The FAFSA documentation is all handled on-line.

If that doesn’t work, get a PO box. They cost less than 20 dollars per month. You should really have a stable mailing address anyway.

James asks…

How do I apply for FAFSA without involving my parents?

This may sound silly but is there really no way to bypass having to involve my parents in filling out a FAFSA application? I live on my own but I am not over 24yrs old. I guess that is the big kicker…

I live alone and will be paying for the college courses myself so I didn’t see any need to contact my parents about this.


Edward answers:

You have to be able to answer yes to one or more of the following questions:


Donna asks…

How do you fill out your fafsa when your financial situation has changed?

How am I supposed to fill out my fafsa information for the next school year when my financial situation is not the same as it is on my taxes for last year. I was recently laid off my job and the only income we have now is my husbands, do I still fill it out as I normally would with my last years tax information?

Edward answers:


The FAFSA application process does not provide any type of allowance for “changed circumstances”, but your school’s financial aid office will.

When you complete the FAFSA, you must provide the exact information requested – for the exact time period specified. In other words, where the form asks for information about your 2008 tax returns, you’ll have to respond with the information, exactly as it was filed.


Financial aid officers are all permitted to make adjustments to a student’s aid offer if the student is able to document that his/her FAFSA application is no longer representative of their current economic circumstances.

Typical “changed circumstances” situations include:

Layoff of the student and/or the spouse or parent(s)
Illness or injury
Hurricane, flood, tornado or earthquake damage

Complete the FAFSA as normal – but contact financial aid, and ask them what you need to do to make a changed circumstances appeal. I can’t promise that they will make changes to your offer, but I can guarantee you that they will certainly consider it.

Good luck to you – I hope this helps you and good luck on the job front, too!

William asks…

How soon does the school or FAFSA send your financial aid award if you applied on time but needed to?

How soon does the school or FAFSA send your financial aid award if you applied on time but needed to clear up a problem with the department of education, if you cleared up the problem about 2 days ago. The school is now only waiting for an academic plan to be filled out and then they said the financial aid file will be complete , so when should they send out the financial aid award?

Edward answers:

You need to ask this question of the Financial Aid Office. Each Financial Aid Office has a different timetable when financial aid awards will be processed.

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Your Questions About Draw A Three Dimensional Object

Lisa asks…

I need help with my Art study guideee!?

1. What is it called when objects have both height and width?
A. Value B.Shape C. Form D. Perspective

2.What is it called when objects have or only appear to have both hight and width?
A. 2-dimensional B. 3-dimensional C.Form D.2-point perspective

3.What are the basic shapes that are predominantly used in art? ex. a square, triangle, or rectangle.
A. 2 dimesnsional B. Geometric Shapes C. organic shapes D. 3-dimesnional

4. What is it called when you place one subject/shape on top of another or in front/behind another subject/shape?
A.2-dimensional B. 3-minensional C.overlapping D. Organic Shapes

5.What is the three dimensional (3D) characteristics of an object- that is hight, width, and depth?
A.value B.shape C.form D. line

6 What is the use of varuous techniques to increase either the actual or the apparent tactile (how it looks) quality of a surface?
A. Value B.Contrast C.Movement D.Texture

7.What is it called where lines meet and recede (go away) in a linear perspective?
A.Perspective B.Vanishing Point C.2-point perspective D.1-point perspective

8.What is the imaginary line where the sky and eather meet called?
A.Diagonal line B.line direction C.horizon line D.vertical line

9.What type of linear perspective uses only one vanishing point?
A. Vanishing point B.1-point perspective C.2-point perspective D.perspective

10.What linear perspective uses two vanishing points?
A Vanishing point B.1-point perspective C.2-point perspective D.perspective

11.What is the name of the type of drawing in which objects appear to have depth and distance/space?
A.linear perspective B.line combinations C.Balance D.Patten
If you cant answer the questions please dont write anything then..
I ask for help not a useless comment..
If you cant answer the questions please dont write anything then..
I ask for help not a useless comment..

Edward answers:

1. B
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. C
6. D
7. B
8. C
9. B
10. C
11. A

I’m only human, some could be wrong, but these are my best choices.

Michael asks…

idea for a 3 dimensional sculpture of items that are disposed or recycled?

Your final assignment is a sculpture. You must use your creativity to create a three dimensional sculpture from items that are often disposed of or recycled. Art can be made from any found objects, broken items, things found in nature, items that are found in the trash, left over chicken bones, colorful cast offs, bottles, toys, organic items etc. Be conscious of the fact that the same rules apply for sculpture as for drawing and painting. Your sense of texture, contrast, pattern, balance etc should all be reflected in your creation. It must be able to be put on a small turntable and looked at from all sides. See that you make all sides interesting, and related. Think about the spaces you place things in and the spaces that are empty. The negative spaces have importance ales. No larger than 12 by 12.
this is my project for art and i need an idea cause i cant think of a good one.. thank you

Edward answers:

Make a list of things you love. Then go through the list to see what you would ONLY buy new and never consider buying used or recycled. Make that thing out of the parts or pieces of things required for your assignment.

Joseph asks…

Need ideas for summer art projects.?

I have 5 assignments to follow: Figure drawing done from an unusual perspective, Non-traditional Landscape, Interior space that shows the illusion of three-dimensional forms, aerial view, and or other ways of creating and organizing space (deal with an unusual light source), Ordinary object done in and extraordinary way, Portrait of myself in 20 yrs, and a drawing of an object inspired by the tool drawings of Jim Dine.

I’ve got the last two covered but I am stumped on the first three. Any suggestions?

Edward answers:

Let see here:

1. You can draw a figure from bird’s eye or worm’s eye or from side-behind
but if you/your teacher considered mental/emotional perspective, draw a figure from what your brain/heart see them

2. Depends on the definition of landscape (i don’t know the def. Sorry)
but you can draw a picture of the landscape on another planet, or a picture of factory and such – the earth being materialized

3. That one might be easy
youc an draw a room in a 3-dimenson perspective
or you can draw a room with see through glass (office, etc.) and/or ground, then things that make it 3-D

hope i helped a bit!!!

Steven asks…

Color Theory Help please!!?

1 – You’re asked to set up a still-life arrangement of objects for a drawing class, including the
lighting.You know that if you add too much light to the objects, the
A. hues will be intensified.
B. objects will appear more three-dimensional.
C. surfaces will seem to flatten out.
D. tonal colors will become more pronounced

2 – To make objects appear to recede into the background, your best bet would be to
A. use fully saturated hues.
B. accentuate details.
C. dull or lower the intensity of the color.
D. enlarge the objects.

3 – You’ve been asked to create a color drawing outdoors at a time of day when the sun
produces high-contrast light and many shadows.Which of the following would make up
an appropriate palette for drawing the shadows?
A. Black
B. Values of gray
C. Complementary colors
D. Analogous colors

Thank you very much!

Edward answers:

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking they’re all “C.”

Betty asks…

art history please help?

_______________ place importance on how well artists design their works of art.

2. A revivial or rebirth of cultural awareness is the definition of:
a renaissance
a reformation

3. ___________________ materials are those with a flat surface that the artist paints or draws on.

4. Pablo Picasso’s antiwar feelings are most famously reflected in his:
blue period
painting Guernica
Face of Peace serigraph

5. The Alphabet of Art was created by:
Leonardo da Vinci
Robert J. McKnight
H.W. Janson
Johann Gutenburg

6. Works of art are created by forces working:
in conflict

7. _________________ occurs when objects are positioned around a central point.
“Felt” balance
Radial balance
Focal point

8. What principle of art is concerned with the relationship of certain elements to the whole and to each other?

9. The Nike of Samothrace represented what concept?

10. The aboriginal paintings at Ayers Rock in Australia:
were actually painted in recent times
depict humanoid forms
are three-dimensional
are easily interpreted

Edward answers:

Hey, Art!

(I went to high school with a guy named Art History.)

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Your Questions About Fox News

Lisa asks…

What has FOX News actually done to deserve the treatment they are getting from the Obama Admin?

Since when is telling the truth become such an awful thing?
They have been accused of spreading lies but no one has been able to prove it…and you know it is not from lack of trying.
FOX News is doing what they are supposed to do…investigating the people that Obama has surrounded himself with and investigating Obama…why is that a bad thing?
Why is it so difficult for some people to understand this? Calling someone a liar is different than proving someone is a liar.

Edward answers:

Truth IS an awful and fearsome thing to deceivers!
And Freedom of Speech is a threat to communist thinking and agendas!
Therein lies your answer! :)

Richard asks…

How did Fox news function last time the democrats were in power?

So it’s no secret Fox news is a right winged bias network, but as i was too young to remember from the last time the democrats were in power, i’m curious how the network spoke of the government at the time and how much power their opinions really have over the people. What did they have to say about Clinton etc…

Any insight would be great !
I’d also be interested to know what people think they might be like towards the new democratic govt.


Edward answers:

I did not know this until you asked this question but I guess Fox News wasn’t carried nationally until 2001. So, I guess we don’t know what they were like before Bush. Hannity and Colmes was on at the beginning though, in 1997 and so was O’Reilly. So I think the smaller version of FN was pretty much the same as it is now. It was fun reading this stuff. I guess Ted Turner put up quite the stink about letting Fox News onto Time Warner Cable. LOL. I think I love Ted Turner now.

Donna asks…

Why does Fox News not hold there Anchors Responsible for making BiPartisan donations to people they interview?

They don’t even tell the viewer that they donated to the canidate they are interviewing and trying to make them look better then liberals?

Shouldn’t hannity be held to the same standards as MSBC Keith Olbermann who was suspended for donating to canidates?

OR is fox news spinning republican stuff fine an unbalanced and unfair and bad for politics?

Edward answers:

They have no standards.

Steven asks…

Can we take FOX News seriously after they refused to broadcast the president’s news conference?

FOX News did not broadcast President Obama’s news conference on Wednesday night. How unprofessional is that? Whatever they think of the president or his policies, he is still the president and his press conferences are newsworthy. I do not remember CNN or MSNBC ever failing to broadcast one of Bush’s talks — the informal ones as well as the press conferences at the White House.

FOX is acting like a spoiled child, pouting and stamping its feet because it didn’t get its way in the last election.

Edward answers:

First make no mistake, I am a huge Obama fan.

However I have been complaining for years that the networks should take turns with these press conferences, no real reason to have the same thing on all the stations. I mean CBS, NBC, ABC, and the other little networks. Admittedly it was because I could not stand watching or listening to Bush, but the principle is valid and I think applies to all presidents.

Cable News is another story however. One would think that Cable News should cover all of these. To be clear, was it the Fox tv channel that didn’t cover or the Fox Cable News channel? Fox tv I could care less but Fox Cable News should be covering it.

Laura asks…

why did fox news wait until a republican was attacked to report heavily on the violence?

i’ve been watching fox news for 4 days straight and while other networks talked about the violence and threats fox didn’t even mention it. i wonder why all of a sudden they are talking about it. It’s funny because oreilly tonight was talking about this republican guy. i know oreilly talked about the racial slurs but no one on fox talked about the violence.

Edward answers:

I think you might be talking about Eric Cantor from Virginia, who reported a bullet fired through his office window. And the thing about that is, the Richmond police said that it was a stray bullet. So fox news thinks they have an instance of violence against a republican, but it’s really just an accident. But to answer your question, fox news has a problem with calling many of these people what they are. Domestic Terrorists. These people are using threats of violence to get their way, but fox news insists on calling them “patriots”. Just another reason they are fake news and not fox news.

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