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Your Questions About When Are You Most Fertile

Laura asks…

When is a woman most fertile?

OK so me and my husband are trying to have a baby, and i don’t get the whole menstrual cycle and fertile deal. if it helps any today is 5/6/10 and i got my period today. so if you could let me know the best day to try that would be GREAT! Thanks.

Edward answers:

If you have a normal 28 day cycle (meaning 28 days between periods) then your most fertile days will be May 19th-21st. Good luck!!!

Ken asks…

When the women is most fertile?

Ok i heard that When the women is at fertile the “mucus” is suppose to help the sperm? but When its not fertile the mucus is acidic and kills the sperm. But I watched this thing It said that the vagina acid is still killing about 99% of the sperm as it enters the vagina is this true even when you are fertile?

Edward answers:

Millions of spermatozoids are killed in vagina but one is enough for pregnancy – you better check your fertile and secure days/fertile days and rhythm method – see below

Steven asks…

How soon when you’re most fertile?

I was wondering how soon after your period ends that you are most fertile. I have a 30 day cycle.

Edward answers:

Most women are mort fertile on cd 10 to 16! Use opks that way you dont have to ‘guess’

Mandy asks…

When are you REALLY most fertile?

I have been Yahoo! answering this all day and 1/2 the people have said 14 days after your period and the other half says a week after your last period. I already have an 8 month old baby, is it true you are more fertile after you have a baby also?

Edward answers:

Women with a regular 28 day cycle are most fertile on days 13,14, and 15 of their cycle. So Count the first day of your period as day #1, then count forward. I would suggest having sex on days 12,14,16. The Dr. In my office also suggests to prop your hinney afterwords for 15-20 minutes. Sounds goofy, but 4 kids later… Remember, sex all the time is less effective. That’s why you go with the every other day method, let your man’s sperm rejuvenate. Every woman is different, so you have to know your body, and know your cycles, but as stated for a REGULAR 28 day cycle, this is what you’ll be told if you see a fertility expert.

Ruth asks…

how do you work out when you are most fertile?

my period started on the 11th ended 17th and is due on the 8th november when am i most likely to get pregnant?

Edward answers:

Women are most fertile in the days leading up to and including the day of ovulation. Most women will ovulate 12-16 days before their next period, the average being 14 days before.

So, if your next period is due Nov. 8th, you likely ovulated around Oct. 25 – that would be 14 days before your period, but the exact day will depend on how long your luteal phase is.

Your fertile days could have been anywhere from Oct. 20 through Oct. 27.

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Your Questions About When Are The Emmys

Betty asks…

When are the Emmys gonna Air on TV?

Ok, so i heard from jake t austin’s twitter (www.twitter.com/jaketaustin)
that the Emmy’s were tonight at 8:00 pm? I can’t find the channel though its CBS, i know, but i check the guide thing and it doesn’t say Emmys, you know what i mean? ok well i read they were tonight at 8 at the kodak theater in LA is it gonna be LIVE on TV? if so, what channel? because i can’t find it anywhere? or…. are they gonna FILM it today and air it on TV next week or something? please someone tell me? also…….. the MTV’s MVAs are tomorrow i found the channel already, but any additional things i should know? I live in Maryland.. If that helps

Thank You.

Edward answers:

They film today but the Emmys are not shown until Sept 20th 8 days from now hope I helped!

David asks…

when are the 2009 daytime emmys?

and who is being nominated for talk show

Edward answers:

September 20, 2009

Laura asks…

What is the name of that song that played when conan o brien entered the emmys?

It started after he left the Dateline NBC House. The opening riff sounds like a siren

Edward answers:

I didn’t watch teh Emmy’s however, Try looking on these sites if you know any of the lyrics….





Helen asks…

When Is the 2007 Emmys?

When Is The 2007 Emmys going to be on. not the daytime emmys.

Edward answers:

The Primetime Emmy’s will be shown on Sunday September 16, 2007 from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Robert asks…

Where can i watch a full rerun of the 2009 emmys?

I just found out that NPH was the host and it was real funny now i want to watch it but when i look it up online i keep getting “WATCH THE EMMYS ONLINE LIVE” when it’s already over -.- any suggestions?

Edward answers:

Don’t worry about it taylor swift won EVERYTHING

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Your Questions About When Am I Most Fertile

Daniel asks…

My last period was on 20 may,when am I most fertile?

I have a 28day cycle and would like to know when the best time for conceiving would be,I have a 28 day cycle and have my period for 5 days…I‘m not using any contraceptives and had a miscarriage in Feb..please help!

Edward answers:

You’re MOST likely to get pregnant after having had sex.

David asks…

when am i most fertile? i had my period start 25th of nov 2009?

Edward answers:

Cool mine was the 26th and i will be most fertile next week…it is around the 14th day after the first day of your period so count 14 from the 25th… Give or take a few days either b4 or after that day… My advice is have sex in the morning before you get out of bed and do it every day if possible or every 48 hours…starting sunday! Good luck!!!! Also i heard oral sex shouldn’t be preformed br because it will kill off semen and kill good vaginal mucous…

Lizzie asks…

What can I do that will help me understand when I am most fertile?

Edward answers:

First, keep notes on when you get your period. Get yourself a calendar or a good ovulation chart.

Purchase the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”. It will give you some great info on the signs your body gives off when you are fertile. Cervix softness, cervical mucus, body temp.

Live healthy. Start taking a good prenatal vitamin. Your doctor may have one he prefers his patients taking. Ask your ob/gyn

You can purchase ovulation prediction tests too. Those will help you narrow down your two MOST fertile days of the month. However you generally have 3 or 4 days where you are very fertile.

Good luck to you!

Sandra asks…

Had a positive OPK at 8am and again at 2pm – when am I most fertile?

Hubby has come down with flu this morning (worst possible day ever!) and although we BD-ed last night, it that going to be enough? When is the BEST time to BD given the positive OPK today? (It was negative all of yesterday)

Freaking out I‘ll miss it!!!


Edward answers:

So sorry to hear your hubby has the flu ( you are right bad timing)! If you received an OPK positive today, not to worry. A positive means that you will ovulate within the next 24-48 hours. Give him a day or so to feel better – you can still catch the tail end of this months cycle.

No freaking out!
Happy New Year!

Joseph asks…

According to mymonthlycycles.com I am ‘most fertile’ on the 15th when should I BD?

It says from the 12 to the 16th I amfertile‘ and I ovulate on the 15th…
I have also heard the first BD around ovulation is the most important cause that will be the highest sperm count if you haven’t done it in a while…
Any nice opinions would be great!!!
~*~*~Baby dust!!!!~*~*~

Edward answers:

Unless your partner has a KNOWN sperm count issue, you should BD every day of your fertile window. Have sex every day (24 hours in between) from the 12th to the 16th. Your two most fertile days out of this are the 14th and 15th, have sex those days no matter what!

You should also know the calendar method isn’t the most reliable way of tracking your cycles. Your body may or may not cooperate with what the calendar is saying. I would suggest that you start using an ovulation kit on the 10th. Test every day and when you get a positive, then you know for sure you are 12-48 hours away from ovulation.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About When Am I Due

Paul asks…

when I download it will not complete due to error saying I am not administrator. How do I fix this?

I was almost finished downloading the latest version of yahoo messenger when the error box popped saying a system administrator mus perform this function. I am the only person using this computer. What’s up with that?

Edward answers:

Sounds like a virus my friend had. Might have been a Trojan.
Just download a scanner, and try different software until one finds it. NOTE: only have one type of scanner installed at a time; having more than one can make them conflict. Just un-install one and install another.

William asks…

when am i due a period? and does agnus castus work?tips for pregnancy?

hi, i stopped microgynon 30 in the middle of the pack on 4th oct and had a withdrawal bleed 7th oct-11th oct. Can anyone tell me when i count my cycle from and when i would be due a period? i am trying to concieve, also has anyone used agnus castus before to regulate periods? is it safe to use when trying to concieve as i have heard it can lead to m/c?? also any tips on getting pregnant? thanks

Edward answers:

It can take a couple of months after stopping the pill for your cycle to become regular again. If you had an average 28 day cycle before then you could reasonably expect a period around a month after your withdrawal bleed, but that’s not a rule and it may be earlier or later than this, it just depends on your own body how long it takes to start ovulating again. It is possible to ovulate immediately and not have a period for another 9 months! (I have a 3 month old daughter to prove this is possible!). If you haven’t had a normal period within 3 months of stopping the pill then I would ask your gp for some advice to check if you are ovulating again. As for tips on getting pregnant the best advice I can give you is to learn to read your body. In an average 28 day cycle you would typically ovulate somewhere between day 12-16 and this would be your peak fertile time. Sperm can live for up to 7 days in your body so theoretically you can fall pregnant from 7 days before you ovulate until a few days after. Look for symptoms of changing cervical mucus to detect ovulation – it will become like egg-white as you reach ovulation, this is when you are most fertile. I don’t know anything about agnus castus though, sorry. Good luck!

Steven asks…

I am trying to decide when will be the best time to throw my baby shower. I am due in Febuary?

I am a college student and Im trying to figure out when college student will be home for the holidays. I dont want it to close around christmas and too far after the holiday.

Edward answers:

Wow, you are planning late! Some woman have showers after the baby is born.

George asks…

can my job expect me to get 8 hours of work done when I am parttime due to a medical condition?

I am being told I need to work twice as fast to get the required work done, even tho’ I am on a reduced schedule due to a medical condition.Can they do that? Isn’t that against the law?

Edward answers:

What med condition?

James asks…

my periods were due 2 days ago, but when i made a preg test, it resulted negative. am i pregnant?

I have had sex for the first time with my bf 2-3 weeks ago. After that we have had 3 more times sex, always protected (he has used a condom). My periods were due 2 days ago,but today when i made a preg test it resulted negative. What might be happening? Am i pregnant?

Edward answers:

Having sex may have cause you to be a little late, wait a week or so then take a test. It’s still possible you’re pregnant but stress can also cause delay.

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Your Questions About When A Stranger Calls

Helen asks…

What do you think of the movie, “When a stranger calls”?

I liked it, but I thought that they stalled too much. For example, the girl heard sounds coming from upstairs, and it turned out to just be the cat, or she saw a person in the closet, but it was actually just a jacket. They saved all the scary stuff until the last half hour!

Edward answers:

Honestly I thought it was kind of dumb. I think they should have renamed it Rosa since she kept calling the house sitter’s name almost the whole movie. My family always puts it in as a comedy movie, not a horror movie. The last part when the man broke into the house was scary though, I agree, and I feel bad because the scene when she has the dream about the man shows it will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Laura asks…

What are some good thriller movies like Prom Night,When a Stranger Calls, and I know what you did last summer?

I need movie that are not too old and are just like these not stuff that couldn’t happen like The Ring, The Grudge and stuff. Stuff like with real killers. Also not like I am Legend or action stuff Horror thriller stuff Thanks!

Edward answers:

the strangers

Maria asks…

How many versions are there of the movie When A Stranger Calls?

And which one is the best?

Edward answers:

I think there is only 2 versions of the first when a stranger calls. I watched both, and the original scared the crap out of me, but I was probably in my early teens when I watched it. And the newer version did not scare me, but you have to remember that when the first one came out, it was kind of the first of its kind. There are all kinds of movies with scary phone calls now, and its unfortunately lost its shock factor.

Susan asks…

How would you combine the movies Black Christmas and When A Stranger Calls ?

I had this great idea for a youtube video. make a retarded 10 minute video combining these 4 (remakes & originals) movies and make it cheesey, retarded and funny. How would you do that? give me idaes for lines and a story plot that includes both the remakes and the originals. (it would help if you saw all 4)

Edward answers:

You could have it that a little innocent girl was waiting downstairs christmas night. She gets a phonecall and its turns out to be santa… Who is in her house! AND TRYING TO KILL HER!

Steven asks…

What to do when a stranger calls?

In When A Stranger Calls, how does the stranger get into the house?

Edward answers:

When she moved out of the house into the next door house, that’s when I think the stranger made the move.


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