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Your Questions About Labeouf

Sharon asks…

Why does shia labeouf show up in other movies?

why does shia labeouf show up in other movies? Megatron and the fallen are gonna find him and kill him he needs to stay with optumis prime to stay safe!!!

Edward answers:

As a favor to the director or producer.

Joseph asks…

Taylor Lautner or Shia LaBeouf – Which of these actors do you think has a better future in the movies?

Taylor Lautner is known for The ‘Twilight Saga’ and ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D’.

Shia LaBeouf is known for ‘Transformers’ and ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’.

Edward answers:

Shia Lebeouf is hands down a better actor

John asks…

How many more sequels will transformers have and what will the storyline be like in Transformers 3?

I love Transformers 1 and 2 and can’t wait for Transformers 3
I hope Shia Labeouf ( Sam WitWicky ) gets to have more friends
in Transformers 3 and What happens to Sam’s Girlfriend?

Edward answers:

I think there might be 4 and then they are done but who knows there could be more. Transformers is great and I like Shia Labeouf, he is a great actor and had really proved himself with the movies he has done. I loved Eagle Eye, Disturbia, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Also Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps looks pretty good. I don’t know if he will have more friends but I do know that he will meet someone new for his girlfriend since Megan Fox won’t be in it. It’s a shame because Megan Fox is sexy and I loved her in the Transformers movies but I guess she will think twice before insulting the director.

George asks…

What film are looking forward to more Transformers 2 or Terminator Salvation?

The last transformers wasn’t amazing (it was too PG and not very serious), I don’t expect the next one to be that great either. I only really watched it because of Shia Labeouf so I’m looking forward to Terminator, and Christian Bale never fails to impress.

Edward answers:

Definitely TERMINATOR!

The endless possibilities as far as storylines go… Just gives me chills!

Transformers might be okay, but those are more all about special effects. There is nothing you can sink your teeth into like the Terminator franchise.

***BTW – the Sarah Connor Chronicles show is great!

Mary asks…

Who is the best actor or actress whos ages are in the 20’s in Hollywood today?

I like shai labeouf as an actor he’s a little bit different but in a good way.
Jessica Biel is a super hottie and I think she has talent too..

Edward answers:

Scarlett Johansson, Elijah Wood, …

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Your Questions About Hanks High School

Donna asks…

How can I get a golf scholarship at a good school?

My handicap is 20, but im only in grade ten. I know I can bring my handicap down a bunch because I play nearly every day in the summer. What should my handicap be? How can I apply? Where should I apply and are there any golf schools i could go to over the winter? Thank you very much for answers!

Edward answers:

Well if you want to get a golf scholarship at a good school. First you should be playing for your high school team, and then be playing competitve tournaments. Then the best way you can get a scholarship is to attend the IJGA, the International Junior Golf Academy, where Hank Haney, Tiger’s coach is the head instructor. Students that go to the IJGA, are all aspiring golfers who want to get a schoalarship, play college golf, and hopefully become pro from all around the world. Students attend the IJGA, for a full semester or school year, so you can try to apply there next semester, or next year for your junior year, or for your senior year. It’s a full academy with academics, where you can finish your high school there, and you live in house dorms with other students as roomates, and house parents. In the academy, you work and improve your game by getting coached by Hank Haney and his instructors. Then you play competitve tournaments in the IJGT, the International Junior Golf Tour with other students, and from there, colleges see you for recruiting and scholarships. Not everyone that goes to the IJGA, gets scholarshops, so if you don’t, you can stay there for their post graduate program, which is the same thing, and it will give you a chance to transfer out, and play college golf. There was a show in the Golf Channel called School of Golf: Hilton Head Island starring Hank Haney which shows lives of students in the IJGA. I recommend watching videos from this show before considering going to the IJGA, since this show is not in season, it’s not on TV currently. If you consider going to the IJGA, you also need the will, since you will be away from home for a school year or semester, and most importantly, the money. It’s really expensive going to the IJGA, it’s around $40,000 for tuition, for a full school year, just for the golf, then another $10,000 for academics, it’s really expensive. If you can’t afford it, you can still probaly afford their summer, weekend, and holiday programs, where you go there like for a week for their summer, and holiday programs, and a weekend, for their weekend programs, and you get the same instruction, and experience as the full time students, but don’t work with you for scholarships, and they run around $1,500 for each class. They have two campuses, they have a campus in Hilton Head, SC, and one in Arroyo Grande, CA in the central coast of California, south of San Luis Obispo, so if you want to go, choose the one you want to go to, or the one closest. If you have the money, and the will, you should consider going to the IJGA, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, if you want to get a scholarship, it’s the best way, and you will have a better chance in getting one if you go to the IJGA, then if you don’t. Also for what scores you have to shoot to get in the IJGA, you at least have to shoot in the 90s I think, and they will work with you so you can break 80 competitvely, because that’s the main score to get competively, and colleges want you to break 70 at one point. For more information about the IJGA, and the show School of Golf: Hilton Head Island, the websites are below in the sources.

George asks…

How much and what type of schooling is needed to be a talent agent?

I am possibly wanting to be a talent agent. Possibly a High-Profile agent, or even scouting for new talent. I was wondering for college purposes what kind of schooling i need, and what classes to take. And all of that, please dont guess only answer if you truly know the answer.

Edward answers:

I suggest taking business marketing and management. Networking skills are also a must. Being a talent agent is the same as being a manager because you are making others money based on what YOU think will sell and how. You also have to have a ‘nack’ to see whats talent vice what you ‘think’ sounds or looks good. I was a talent scout for a model agency with NO college degree. But I had an “eye” for models (male n female). I also have what some may call the “gift of gab” and being from NYC also helps.
To become a ‘high-profile’ agent needs EXPERIENCE and an established,impeccable reputation of dealing and working with celebrities and known faces. It truly is about who you KNOW (and who knows YOU) vice what you know in that industry. It’s like me recommending an actor to Steven Spielberg and then Tom Hanks recommending an actor..get me?
Good luck and also,DRESS TO IMPRESS. If you gotta pick up GQ to pick up pointers,do so. You will not be taken seriously by ANYONE in the industry if you dress like a hipster,an emo kid,or an abercrombie & fitch model.

Daniel asks…

I just got a new account. Yeah, its been a while since I was on this forum but when did it turn into a?

Mean, nasty, catty, You should go to prison if you don’t breast feed your child until they are in high school, be beaten if you circumcise, scum of the earth if you don’t co sleep, insult throwing forum?

How long do you think you will be on here before you “retire” and go back to the normal population.

I’m sure this will be deleted, but its a serious question. Why is everyone so mean on here? Isn’t it supposed to be a helpful forum?

Edward answers:

LMAO! Whoa yeah, peggy hill! What is hank and bobby doing today?

Lucy’s mummy;;; I couldn’t agree more!

Helen asks…

What are some good songs about moving on?

i mean like “Dont forget to remember me”songs like that that have to do with moving away from home and leaving your home behind after you graduate high school or something like that.im helping my friend Liz come up with a yearbook song list and i cant think of any besides “Home is where the heart is and,”dont forget to remember to me”.can anyone suggest anymore?(ps id like the music genre to be country)thnx n advance

Edward answers:

I’m Moving On by Hank Snow

Donald asks…

For my Golf Career Which school should i go?

I am 16 years old.

and i am working toward to become PGA tour pro.

Which school will right for me after high school???

College Golf or 2 years of Professional Golf Academy?

Edward answers:

The best way to become a PGA pro, is to play college golf, and get a scholarship. The best way to get a scholarship is to try to attend the IJGA, the International Junior Golf Academy, in Hilton Head, SC where Tiger’s coach Hank Haney is the head instructor. It’s a full academy with academics in Heritage Academy, and you can finish your high school there, and you live in house dorms with room mates that are also students, and house parents. In the academy, you get to practice and play golf and get lessons from Hank Haney and his instructors, and you play competitive tournaments with other students, and that is where colleges see you for scholarships. The students that go there are all aspiring golfers from all around the world who want to play college golf, get a scholarship, and hopefully go pro. If you were not able to get a scholarship while being in the IJGA, you can stay there for there post graduate progaram, which you can improve in your golf game, be more competitve, and turn pro, and going to school in the same time. So I think the IJGA is the best school you should go to, you can go there for your senior year, try to get a scholarship, and if you didn’t, you can stay there for their post graduate program. There is a show on the Golf Channel which shows the lives of students in the IJGA, starring Hank Haney. The show is School of Golf: Hilton Head Island, and it’s on the Golf Channel every Tuesday in 11 PM ET/8 PT, and every Wednesday in 10 PM ET/7 PT. I highly recommend watching this show before considering going to the IJGA. But I highly recommend you to try to attend the IJGA, if you have the money, and will, it’s the best way you can turn pro, whether you get a scholarship or not. You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity, you should consider going to the IJGA. For more information about the IJGA, and the show School of Golf: Hilton Head Island, the websites are below in the sources.

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Your Questions About A Municipal Bond Fund

Carol asks…

Is there any guaranteed way to earn more interest?

Is there any guaranteed way to earn more interest that brick & mortor banks, online banks, CDs? I know about stocks but that is a gamble & mutual funds are long term investments. But is there anything that can give you 5 or more % return?

Edward answers:

Not guaranteed. Principal will be at risk. But you can get really attractive returns in high quality investment grade corporate bonds and high quality municipal bonds. You would buy them through a mutual fund. Bonds have a coupon payment and a maturity date. You would get these coupon interest payments on a set schedule which ranges from monthly to quarterly to semi-annually. If the companies have the money, you receive your interest. Along the way your principal fluctuates in value (the bonds are traded at different prices). If you need your money, then you risk selling at a loss. But if you can wait until the maturity date and at that time the companies or city/state governments have the money, you get paid back your principal that you invested. Sometimes, like now, when people are panicked, you can buy the bonds below their original price and get paid the original coupons, so you are getting paid a good interest rate AND if they can repay you later you get the added return from the principal return being more than you originally paid for the bond. Investing with the correct maturity/duration is the most important thing you can do in bond investing. The other is diversifying so that you don’t risk being locked into all your bonds for long times as inflation soars and your 5% is not so good any more. You can make nice returns in the 3-5year time frames now.

Steven asks…

Can bank bonds pay in compound interest?

I went the bank and asked the financial adviser to help me purchase bank bonds that pay in compound interest. She said that the bank bond don’t have the option to compound interest. I am not sure is she lying to me or can bonds not pay in compound interest. I asked her if mutual funds pay in compound interest and she said that I have the option, so I purchased 10000 worth of mutual funds.

Edward answers:

Bonds pay interest two times a year. They pay it in cash only. You can not reinvest it automatically. There is one exception to this. That is zero coupon bonds. These bonds you buy at a discount to their face value. They do not pay interest at all until they are called at which time they pay the face amount of the bond. The big drawback to zero coupon bonds is the US treasury department. They rule that you have to pay taxes on the imputed interest even though you have not yet received any. Cute. However, in a tax deferred retirement account they can be of value because there is not current taxes payable on such an account. Also tax free municipal bonds are another area where zero coupon bonds might be decent investments.

There is one additional bond that qualified as a compounding interest bond. That is US savings bonds.

Susan asks…

where can i find information on daycare and afterschool grants?

I want to start my own daycare and afterschool program and I need some information on how to write a grant and get funded for this project.

Edward answers:

There is no information as to where you live and where you are planning to start this business. First, speak to your municipal licensing and by-laws body to find out what your municipality is going to expect of you in order to run this type of business. Next, you would want to speak to your local welfare or housing bodies that work with single parents and young parents in an attempt to get them back to work … They will cover grants to complying organizations that will offer daycare and afterschool services. You will probably need to be bonded and provide a police check for this type of work. You should also consider charging some parents on a sliding scale for your services, particularly for those that have some money to pay for this …

Betty asks…

How can I open up a retirement account (tax deferred) for my toddler?

My research has taught me that I can’t open an IRA for my toddler because it needs to be opened with earned income (of course a toddler does not earn income). Further, I can’t simply open a Mutual Fund in his name b/c come college time, that amount will count against him if he needs loans (plus taxes and fees will eat at a regular mutual fund – that’s why we don’t use them for retirement savings outside of a retirement account that shields us from taxes). So, is there a vehicle out there we can put some money into for my toddler’s retirement? An annuity perhaps? Thanks.

Edward answers:

Great question!

You can open a Coverdell ESA at Scottrade for tax free gains for education (up to $2000 per year can be deposited but deposits are not tax deferred).

You can open a UTMA account (up to $10,000 per year) for gains that are taxed at the child’s tax rate, if someone other than a parent is the custodian of the account. But I heard that loophole might be closing, if it hasn’t already.

You can purchase up to $30,000 per year in EE or I series US Savings bonds for your toddler for tax deferred gains. Http://www.treasurydirect.gov.

Tax Free Municipal Bonds (or a Vanguard Muni Bond fund for your area) would be good also.

I use Scottrade for my kids, and UMREX has been my good fund to date, but make sure you only get no-load, no transaction fee funds.

Oh, and there are no fees for IRAs or Coverdell accounts at Scottrade, Not sure about the UTMAs there but my guess is no fees.

Michael asks…

I have a Roth IRA with Fidelity what should I do as far as allocating the funds?

I will be contributinng the 5k max? I have between 23 and 28 years until I retire. How should I allocate the fundds. When I call in an talk to someone what shall it tell them? Do I go for one of the funds that plan based around your retirement date?

Edward answers:

The common wisdom is to be aggressive when you’re young and to shift to conservative as you approach retirement. The dated funds implement this for you whereas most people that try to do it for themselves will start off with an aggressive fund and find that they hadn’t gotten around to transitioning to more conservative funds when a market downturn occurs. Whatever investment you hold the longest are most likely to encounter a market downturn so it actually makes more sense to start with a conservative fund and every few years shift your contributions to a more aggressive fund while still holding the previous funds.

If you retain a set percentage of your portfolio risk free (cash or cash equivalents) then you can benefit from a market downturn by simply rebalancing the portfolio back to your target percentages. Ben Graham (Warren Buffett’s mentor) advised just shy of 50% invested in stocks and the rest in bonds. Claude Shannon derived a 50/50 ratio as the optimal ratio in an Engineering lecture at MIT. Ben Graham says to go no lower than 25% invested in the market and no higher than 80%. The MIT calculations suggest that the optimum can vary between about 10% to 83%. The funds themselves will each have such a portfolio target but as Ben Graham says, there’s psychological value to being able to do something to take advantage of a market downturn yourself.

Indexed funds have the highest reward to effort ratio and hence have the lowest management fees. You can be sure that an indexed fund will outperform half the funds out there and at a lower fee.

Having margin on your accounts allows you to arrange investments in options that reduce risk while still leveraging gain if you know how. By simply buying a few one year call options each month perhaps of undervalued stock as per Joel Greenblatt’s book “The Little Book That Beats The Market.” and keeping the rest invested in long term secure bonds as equity in the margin, you can effectively invest in almost 12 times the number of stocks you can afford while benefiting from not having to buy them if they went down over a year’s time all while the majority of your money remains in risk free investments, the margin would only be required one day each month to exercise the options if the option is in the money. Basically it would be the same as investing your money in bonds and twelve stocks with just the money for a little more than one of those stocks, the upside would be leveraged but the downside limited to the cost of the options and non-systemic risk would be diversified away.

Tax sheltered accounts should be used for investments that produce taxable income. If you have a buy and hold play on a growth stock, there’s no point in having it in your IRA as the taxes aren’t realized till you sell the stock. Likewise there’s no point to holding municipal bonds in an IRA. Extend your effective tax shelter by keeping tax free and tax deferred investments in your brokerage accounts and investments that produce regular taxable income in your tax sheltered accounts.

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Your Questions About When A Man Loves A Woman

John asks…

Is it TRUE that relationships are “better” when the man loves the woman more?

I always hear this… and everyone’s explanation is that a woman needs a man who loves her more because most women are already nourishing and loving… So when the man loves the woman more than she loves him it just feels right..

Edward answers:

I think its true because like you said women are born loving we know how to love and when to love
but men need to learn how to do that, so if you find a man that loves you more than you love him then its paradise they are a little more forgiving and realize your worth so they will work with you to keep the relationship strong.

Sandy asks…

When a man loves one woman but lusts for the other?

in this scenario, wouldnt the man persue the woman he lusts n ignore the one he loves.. once he gets his kicks out of the lust he will return to the loved one….

isnt the lust emotion much stronger than the love?

what about lusting for a woman who you had a relationship with previously and still love???

Edward answers:

If you lusted and loved her bf….that’ cheating if your with someone else. Because you’ve already had a history with her.

As to lusting and then going back to the one you love….this goes to show men’s true colors. They want to have sex with everything with a pulse….just stick themselves in other women….then when they’re done having their fun the women who love them are supposed to be there open arms…while these men whore themselves with multiples of partners.

It’s totally fine…if ur current girl lusts over a superhot guy way hotter than you, then when is done comes back to you.

Lust, is an emotion that comes and goes. It doens’t just come one time andyou get over it with one person. It will always be there…anytime it’s there does it mean we need to act on it even if we’re in a relationship? No…in fact that’s cheating. And if you’re always lusting maybe your not ready for committment.

Richard asks…

When a man loves a woman?

When a man loves a woman will he go to any lengths to get her even if that means hurting her by splitting her up from her current boyfriend? Do some men see something they want and stop at nothing to get it/her?

Edward answers:

What you describe is just plain obsession. If she has a boyfriend, she has a boyfriend, and that man should get out of their way.

Love implies respect and knowing when to stop.

William asks…

When A Man Loves A Woman?

Is it true that he can’t keep his mind on nothing else? That he will only want her and no one else?

If that is so then why do all these men that claim to love their wives and their girlfriends still go out and find other women to sleep with or even sometimes form attachments with? They have female friends that are a little bit more than ‘just’ friends? When a man truly loves a woman why can’t he resist those forms of temptation and be faithful to her?

Edward answers:

Some men (and women) do not have the ability to truly love another. They can go through the motions and give the impression that they love. But, they are not able to feel love like the rest of us do. A man who truly loves his woman will be faithful no matter what temptations arise. People who cheat have to make a choice. They have to choose to either be faithful to their loving spouse or they can choose to purposely do something that they know will break their spouses heart. Make no mistake, it IS a choice.

All human beings see things in other human beings that we find to be attractive. Allowing ourselves to make that attraction so tempting as to make it infidelity is just wrong. Those who love their spouse will not make the wrong decision when it comes to cheating.

David asks…

Is it true that when a man loves a woman, periodically he needs to pull away before he can get closer?

Please explain your answer. Have you had an experience like this? Thanks.

Edward answers:

I don’t know where you heard that but for me that’s never been the case

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Your Questions About Draw A Three Dimensional Object

John asks…

List the differences between 2d and 3d Art?

I’ve been trying to list the differences between two-dimensional art work and three-dimensional art work. I’ve been able to come up with a few examples but I am trying to figure out some other examples.

III.Properties of a two-dimensional object
a.Flat Surface
c.Recreation/Representation of a Real Object

IV.Properties of a three-dimensional object
a.Takes up Space
b.Has Texture

Any Ideas? thanks

Edward answers:

2-D= a circle drawn on the wall but in 3D a sphere (like a basketball) has volume- it invades your space so to speak

2D art can be measured 2 ways: ht and width but 3D can be also be measured a third way by volume

I have my students envision a hollow chocolate Easter bunny with a hole in it- fill it up with water and then pour the water into a measuring cup- thus measuring its volume-

Both 2D and 3D can represent real objects and both can hold implied texture- I hope this helps… E mail me if you need help. (:

Ken asks…

What are the answerssss ?

I have a Geometry test but I don’t understand ANYTHING in that class so can I get these questions answered so that I can at least pass my first Geometry test.

1.How does an isometric drawing represent a three dimensional object?
2.What is the difference between the volume of a 3-D figure & the surface area of a 3-D figure?
3.How do the Lateral area & the surface area of a 3-D figure compare ?
4.How can you determine whether a problem is asking you to find the surface area or the volume?
5.What are the differences between arc length & arc measure?
6.How do the relationships among the angels between 2 intersecting secants compare when the intersection point is inside the circle, on the circle, or outside the circle?
7.What special relationships are there among the angles of an inscribed polygon?
8.How does a circumscribed polygon compare to an inscribed polygon?


Edward answers:

1. Not sure what you want for this one.
2. Volume is how much it holds, surface area is well, the area of all the surfaces.
3. Lateral area is the surface area minus the base(s).
4.It would usually tell you to find S.A. Or V.
5. Arc length: measured in inches, feet, etc. Arc measure: measured in degrees.
6. I’m hopeless at secants and tangents too. :( sorry
7. Well the relationships between them include the same as you learned earlier, i.e. Parallelograms opposite angles add to 180, etc.
8.Circumscribed-drawn outside. Inscribed-drawn inside.
Hope it helped

David asks…

How Math Is Used In Animation? Revise my essay!

Revise my essay on math is used in animation. I need it to make complete sense. I know what I want to write but I don’t know how to say it. Just look below.

Animators do not use math, but the programs they use cannot work without math. They would need math for the program they used to create their animation. Math can be used in animation for calculating movement and frame rates. Frame rates are how many frames per second animators may need to make the character move fluidly and within the time particular by the script. In computer animation, math is needed for viewpoints, frame rates, aspect ratios, character movement, artificial lighting, and color balance. Computer animator uses different math techniques to produce their animations.

Frequently mathematics is used to manipulate complex three dimensional objects like polygons, applying textures, lighting and other effects to the polygons and finally rendering the complete image. Graphical user interfaces are used to create the animation and arrange its choreography. Another technique called constructive solid geometry defines objects by conducting process on regular shapes, and has the advantage that animations may be accurately produced at any resolution.

Rendering a simple image of a room with flat walls and a pyramid in the middle of the room uses mathematical problems like geometry and ratios. Each wall, the floor and the ceiling is a simple rectangle. Each corner of the rectangles is defined by three values referred to as X, Y and Z. X is how far left and right the point is. Y is how far up and down the point is, and Z is how far in and out of the screen point is. The wall nearest to the animator would be defined by four points in the orders of x, y, and z. The pyramid is made up of five polygons: the rectangular base, and four triangular sides. To draw this image the computer uses math to calculate how to project this image, defined by three dimensional data, onto a two dimensional computer screen.

First animators must also define where the view point is from what vantage point the scene will be drawn. The view point is inside the room a bit above the floor, directly in front of the pyramid. First the computer will calculate which polygons are visible. The near wall will not be displayed at all, as it is behind the view point. The far side of the pyramid will also not be drawn as it is hidden by the front of the pyramid. Next each point is perspective projected onto the screen. The portions of the walls farthest from the view point will appear to be shorter than the nearer areas due to perspective.

To make the walls look like wood, a wood pattern, called a texture, will be drawn on them. To accomplish this, a technique called texture mapping is often used. A small drawing of wood that can be repeatedly drawn in a matching tiled pattern like real wallpaper is stretched and drawn onto the walls’ final shape. Using math to figure out how wide and how tall the wall is is a way to find how many times the patterns is needed to be repeated. If the animator have a solid object in the middle of the room like the pyramid it is going to be a solid color so its surfaces can just be rendered as one color.

If there is light in the room animators uses lighter colors in that area that goes by values, where objects blocks the light they darken the colors also using values. After all this is done the animator render the complete scene on the computer screen. If the numbers describing the position of the pyramid were changed and this process repeated, the pyramid would appear to move. Basically animators can do without equations, but it is quite mathematical in nature. The programs animators use are big calculators for their mathematical problems. Without math everything on the program would not be quite organized, and just would make everything more complicating to work with I believe.

Edward answers:

This should help you out some. I only list modified or questionable statements. You might have to compare word-by-word to your essay to see what I changed. If I had time, I’d rethink the flow of this whole essay. But I hope what I’ve done helps.

A frame rate is how many frames an animator may need to render per second to make a character appear to move fluidly and within the time particular by the script. (What is a “time particular”? I don’t understand what you’re trying to say enough to refine it.)

Computer animators use different math techniques to produce their animations.

Three-dimensional (add hyphen)

Mathematics is used in manipulating complex three-dimensional objects like polygons, applying textures, lighting and other effects to them, and in rendering them into images.

By conducting process on regular shapes?? (Does not compute.)

accurately produced (rendered?) at any resolution

mathematical problems (concepts?) like geometry and ratios

Each wall, the floor and the ceiling is a simple rectangle. (“are simple rectangles” maybe?)

X represents the horizontal position of the point, Y represents the vertical position of the point, and Z represents the depth of the point.

The pyramid is made up of five polygons: the rectangular base, and four triangular sides. (I don’t think that’s a pyramid. Pyramids generally have four sides.)

To draw this image the computer uses math to calculate how to project this three-dimensional data onto a two-dimensional computer screen.

(Why do you start this line with the word “First”? Is this the beginning of some process? Does not seem to follow from the last sentence. Then you go on to say “first” again. How many firsts can there be? This whole section needs work.)
First animators must also define where the view point is from what vantage point the scene will be drawn. The view point is inside the room a bit above the floor, directly in front of the pyramid. First the computer will calculate which polygons are visible. The near wall will not be displayed at all, as it is behind the view point. The far side of the pyramid will also not be drawn as it is hidden by the front of the pyramid. Next each point is perspective projected onto the screen. The portions of the walls farthest from the view point will appear to be shorter than the nearer areas due to perspective.

A small drawing of wood that can be repeatedly drawn in a matching tiled pattern like real wallpaper is stretched and drawn onto the walls’ final shape. (If it’s tiled, it’s probably not stretched. It could be though. But probably not.)

Math is used to calculate how many times the pattern needs to be repeated based on the height and width of the wall.

If the animator has a solid object in the middle of the room like the pyramid it is going to be a solid color so its surfaces can just be rendered as one color. (Why is it going to be a solid color? Why can’t it be texture mapped too?)

If there is light in the room animators use lighter colors (represented by values) in the areas where the light is more intense. Where objects block light, the colors are shaded darker.

After all this is done the animator renders the complete scene onto the computer screen. If the values describing the (x,y,z) position of the pyramid were changed and this process was repeated, the pyramid would appear to move. Animators are not generally required to deal with equations, but the animation software itself is mathematically intensive. Animation software would probably be impossible without mathematics.

Mark asks…

Help me with my Art project?

Were doing a very simple project, and what I have to do is make any type of picture with full value that has these three-dimensional objects:

1 Cone

2 Cylinders

3 Spheres

3 Cubes

do you have any ideas of how I should draw my picture?

Edward answers:

Fruit, children’s toys, school supplies, tools

Michael asks…

If ur smart in science then i need your help ASAP!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!! =D?

1.)all flat maps distort eithier the shapes or the areas of landmass becasue

a.]the boundaries of landmass are not known with certainty

b.]suck large structures cannot be drawn accuratly

c.]lines of latitude are not perfectly parell

d.]Earth is a curved, three-dimensional object

2.)On a topographic map, the differance in elevation between two side by side contour lines is called?
a.]contour interval

b.]index contour

c.]lines of lattitude are not perfectly paraell

d.]earth is curved three dimensional

3.)time zone boundries do not always have a perfect line

4.)why does a mercator projection exaggerate the areas of landmasses near the poles??

5.)why do contour lines neaver cross?

6.)How does the TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite collect data?


Edward answers:

1. Flat maps distort landmasses because the earth is curved and 3-dimensional.

2. The difference in elevation between two contour lines is the contour interval.

3. Time zone boundaries are not always in a straight line because of politics. Some states/cities/provinces/etc do not want half of their population in a different time.

4. The mercator projection makes the earth at the poles as wide as the earth at the equator. In reality the earth is wider at the equator, so the projection ends up stretching the poles out.

5. Each contour line represents a specific elevation.

6. The TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite sends microwaves down to the surface of the ocean. It measures the time it takes for the microwaves to go from the satellite, bounce off the ocean, and return to the satellite. This is to get the height of the ocean surface. The surface height is used to predict ocean currents.

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