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Hi, My name is Edward Forsythe, I have a passion for helping people achieve enough passive income through investing in the right vehicles to secure their financial future. I will be sharing with you several financial facts to help you make better decisions investment.

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Your Questions About Best Investments Now

Sandy asks…

Investment Banker Question?

Is being an Investment Banker a popular prospective for kids these days?
What is the salary for an Investment banker? (please give a figure)
What do investment bankers do?
Is it very challenging to be an Investment banker? I don’t mean long hours, more on the lines of the difficulty of work and the road to becoming an Investment banker.

Edward answers:

Investment Banking is sought after because you can be a 22 year old college grad earning $150,000 per year. Kids see that, and want the money. You need top grades in a respected university, a winning track record, and the right personality to stand a chance of getting an offer, as the field is extremely competitive. As an undergrad, you can only stay an Analyst for two years, three if you’re amazing, after which you will be expected to get your MBA.

Your base pay as an Analyst is usually as low as $50,000, but your bonus can be four times your base. After MBA, you can become an Investment Banking Associate, earning up to $300,000 with bonus. After a few years as an associate, you can become a Vice President, then a Managing Director. Your pay depends on the firm you work for, and your bonus generally grows every year, and with every level. Bonus is determined by how much money the firm made, and how well you performed.

Beyond the pay, the life of a banker is very tough, and the job itself will suck for at least the first two levels and five years of your career. As an Associate, you can expect some weeks where you put in up to 20 hours per day, 3/4 of it staring at Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides.

As for the work itself, the nature of the work changes through the ranks. When a corporation is looking to raise money, to sell itself to a bigger company, to buy a smaller company, or to do any other number of things needing big money, capital markets, and complex finance, they call the bankers. The reason they call one bank over another is because the MDs job is to create and maintain relationships with corporate leaders for the purpose of generating future business.

Once the MDs bring in business, VPs rally the troops and tell the Associates what’s needed. The Associates then get the Analysts to do the most mundane, tedious, and boring work while they proofread, and assemble the materials. VPs often lead presentations to clients, and keep the pressure on the lower ranks to keep to deadlines. The work in the lower ranks is not extremely hard, but it does require supreme knowledge of Excel, good math skills, good finance skills, and general smarts.

The hardest part about banking in the lower levels is keeping yourself motivated. You have no life outside of work, with the exception of getting drunk with your coworkers on occasion, and whatever you can squeeze into the few free hours you have every week. It’s extremely tough to maintain relationships, especially with people who don’t really understand what you do, or why a job would keep you occupied 6-7 days a week for long hours. This field is for certain A-type personalities, and very driven, and efficient people.

Paul asks…

what are green investment?

some green investment projects. benefits or advantages of green investments. why green investment?

Edward answers:

Green investment projects include setting up power plants that use renewable resources such as solar, wind, and hydro power. It also includes developing new technologies for energy production that do not include fossil fuels. These include bio-fuels, tidal power, and fusion power. The advantages of green investments are many. The first is that you can get an unlimited return on your investment. For example, once you buy solar panels, you need very little upkeep to generate electricity. Another benefit is that the energies from green technologies are created from renewable sources which are self-sustaining. With coal for example, you need to keep putting coal into your generator. Eventually, our supply of coal will run out. Finally, green technologies produce no pollution. That is better for our environment and better for ourselves. People should make green investments as a strategy for long term monetary returns in the energy sector. Eventually fossil fuels are going to run out. Green energy will be the future.

Edit: Elizabeth. Nuclear fusion is green. I think you are thinking of nuclear fission. They are two completely different things.

Edit: Elizabeth. Nuclear fusion does not use uranium. It uses hydrogen. It involves “fusing” two hydrogens together to form helium similar to the way that stars do.

Donald asks…

restaurant investment?

What yearly profit share or ownership percentage should a 20K investment in a restaurant yeild?

Edward answers:

It’s more a matter of what return would entice an investor to invest $20k. You have to view the investment from the investor’s viewpoint.

Typically one would deem it reasonable to at least be able to meet the return of the US 10 year treasury bond with little or no risk hence that rate is often used as a proxy for the Risk Free Rate and is currently 3.158%. If you assume that the investment was to be held for three years and could then be liquidated for the same value that you invested in the first place then it would be similar to a bond with a face and market value that were the same hence the rate of return would be that of the annual cash flows. However a restaurant is not without risk, Business Week says that contrary to the many statements people make about how probable a restaurant failure is, it’s 1 in 4 in the first year and 3 in 5 over three years (see link for reference). This means that there is a 1/4 chance of not receiving any money back, a ( 3/4 * 1/4 ) chance of receiving only the first year’s cash flow and nothing else, a ( (3/4)^2 * 1/4 ) chance of receiving the first two year’s worth of cash flows and nothing else and a (3/4)^3 chance of receiving all three year’s worth of cash flow plus the salvage value of $20k. Of course there are some basic assumptions here such as that unless you default, you will get a set amount from the profits not a percentage of a variable amount but this is just to illustrate how to value the investment from the investor’s perspective. It’s basically an IRR valuation but with a Fermat expected value calculated from the probabilities of the various scenarios. From such a calculation, the rate of return would be such that the following equation would be satisified:

20k = (3/4) * (1/4) * R * 20k / (1.03158 ) + (3/4)^2 * (1/4) * R * 20k * ( 1/(1.03158) + 1/(1.03158)^2 ) + 3/4^3 * ( R * 20 k / (1.03158) + R * 20k / (1.03158)^2 + (1 + R )* 20k / (1.03158)^3 )

Through iterative numerical methods, the rate turns out to be 37.54% so the investor would want to receive about $7,508 in income per year plus receive his $20,000 back after three years in order for the investment to be competitive with a 3.158% per annum investment opportunity given the much higher risks of investing in the restaurant business.

The number crunching is a little complicated to generalize to a hold forever analysis but it is possible to do so as it becomes the summation of a geometric sequence. It’s also possible to generalize the equations for an arbitrary hold period, for arbitrary salvage values etc. The most realistic analysis is if earnings forecasts are available, but even this back of the napkin analysis shows that due to the high risk of failure, a very high risk premium should be associated with restaurant investments.

Susan asks…

what is an Investment Advisor?

Pls i have an interview 2moro, and i don’t know about the question they will ask me regarding Investment Advisor, i need help on this. thanks

Edward answers:

Investment Advisor is somewhat of a generic term. But usually an investment Advisor is a person who gives advice on what to invest in, for a fee. Some get paid by commission on the investments they recommend. Or they get paid just for their advice, either by the hour or by how much money they manage. Investment advisors, unlike stock brokers, have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to act in their best interests.

David asks…

What is an investment bank?

What is an investment bank?

Do they finance for a project?

Edward answers:

Investment bank is sort of a super bank. They are the bank the commercial (regular) bank uses. Investment banks underwrite bonds, stocks. In the last few years, Investment banks would buy mortgages from commercial banks, bailed them and sold them as mortgage bonds.

Lets say you your company wants to build a plant for 1 billion dollars. The investment bank will underwrite a bond issue to finance the project, while collecting lots and lots of fees.

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Your Questions About Draw A Three Dimensional Figure

David asks…

physic help multiple questions?

A rectangular coil of wire 22.0 cm by 35.0 cm and carrying a current of 1.60 A is oriented with the plane of its loop perpendicular to a uniform 1.60 T magnetic field, as shown in the figure .

part a
Calculate the net force that the magnetic field exerts on this coil.

part b
Calculate the torque that the magnetic field exerts on this coil.

part c
The coil is now rotated through a 30.0 0^0 angle about the axis shown, the left side coming out of the plane and the right side going into the plane. Calculate the net force that the magnetic field exerts on the coil. (Hint: In order to help visualize this three-dimensional problem, make a careful drawing of the coil as viewed along its axis of rotation.)

part d
Calculate the torque that the magnetic field exerts on the coil in part (C).

A solenoid having 180 turns and a cross-sectional area of 6.68 cm^2 carries a current of 1.11 A.

part a
If it is placed in a uniform 1.16 T magnetic field, find the torque this field exerts on the solenoid if its axis is oriented perpendicular to the field.

part b
If it is placed in a uniform 1.16 T magnetic field, find the torque this field exerts on the solenoid if its axis is oriented parallel to the field.

part c
If it is placed in a uniform 1.16 T magnetic field, find the torque this field exerts on the solenoid if its axis is oriented at 45.0^0 with the field.

The body contains many small currents caused by the motion of ions in the organs and cells. Measurements of the magnetic field around the chest due to currents in the heart give values of about 10.0 uG. Although the actual currents are rather complicated, we can gain a rough understanding of their magnitude if we model them as a long, straight wire.

part a
If the surface of the chest is 5.00 cm from this current, how large is the current in the heart?

Two insulated wires perpendicular to each other in the same plane carry currents as shown in the figure . http://session.masteringphysics.com/problemAsset/1020043/5/20P50.jpg

part a
Find the magnitude of the net magnetic field these wires produce at points P and Q if the 10.0 A current is to the right.

part b
Find the magnitude of the net magnetic field these wires produce at points P and Q if the 10.0 A current is to the left.

Edward answers:

There are 42 magnitudes produced on the wire at points P and Q.

Sandra asks…

need help identifying a machine that duplicates drawings that you make with a stylus…no idea…but need help

mkay…my stepfather insists that there is a machine that you can either buy or make that reproduces things that you draw with a stylus…

he says there is a system of pins, and you can trace something three dimensional with a stylus, and the machine will move a regular pen around on a piece of paper and draw it…

i have absolutely no clue what he is talking about, and it sounds impossible the way he is explaining it…but if i don’t figure out what the hell he is talking about i’m going to be told i’m stupid until he gets another retarded machine in head for me to search for online…

it’s entirely possible, and rather probable, that he is just making shit up and thinks that it’s real…i don’t know…i’m just trying to figure out if this type of machine exists so i can get him to shut up about it for the most part…

if anyone can help i will appreciate it greatly…
he’s kind of nuts…like really…he had a stroke a year and a half ago and now all he does is sit around smoke weed and watch scifi and history channel all day…

Edward answers:

He’s talking about some sort of Pantograph. I had a toy one as a kid that would draw skewed, enlarged, or shrunken versions of what I traced.

It took me a while, but I found the toy version. It’s called a Sketch-a-Graph.

Helen asks…

Calling ALL Writing Lovers!!?

Critisize my comparison essay:

Las Meninas is a painting depicted by two talented artist, Picasso and Velazquez. Each artist adds their own personality to their portrayal of the painting. There are common similarities between the two but, they shouldn’t be considered equal. Both depictions pose a unique style illustrated by the color choice all way to the human form. Compared with one another, both paintings show how different they can be, and yet still have distinct similarities.

Starting off with Picasso’s Las Meninas, there is an overflowing amount of abstract quality. The figure’s faces are distorted and oddly formed. The facial expressions are exaggerated with a slightly comedic quality. The bodies are simplified and made of odd cubic shapes set in a cluttered space. The artist uses one tone of color throughout the entire painting. The scene is one dimensional; the characters look flat and strongly outlined. Picasso was not worried about being exact and precise; the mourning woman and male escort have three fingers, Velazquez is as tall as the ceiling, and the dog has no eyes. Picasso defies the fundamental laws of the universe to reach an abstract quality that can’t be replicated.

On the other hand, Velazquez’s Las Meninas carries a painterly, organized, and precise tonality. The characters are in perfect proportion with detail and emotion. The characters are three dimensional and have depth to them. There is immense detail throughout the work; the dog is executed perfectly as if you can feel the softness of his coat, each garment is detailed as if the artist was a designer himself, and the maids’ hair captures the light creating a crisp shine. Velasquez added a multitude of color; the characters’ forms are defined by the paint and not restricted by harsh lines. Overall, Velazquez captured the scene of Las meninas with a realistic quality.

Though the differences of Velazquez and Picasso’s Las mininas are distinct from one another, they share many prominent similarities. They both depict the same characters set in the same position; the maids are kneeling down to help princess Margarita, the dwarf is standing off to the side with the little girl entering from the right, the mourning woman with male escort are standing behind the group and talking amongst themselves. The garments are made similar with big ball gowns and the hair clips are placed in the same position. Both paintings have a curiosity element; Picasso’s is unusual and mysterious, Velázquez’s version creates confusion in the viewer as to what the subject matter really is. The focal point of both paintings is Margarita; your eyes are being drawn to her. The man in the doorway of both paintings evokes mystery and curiosity, you cannot help but to wonder what he is up to. The use of light and dark are placed in the same areas; a bright light comes through the doorway and through the right side of room, and there is darkness on the ceiling.

To sum up briefly, Velazquez and Picasso add their own flare when created Las Meninas while still maintaining clear similarities. The abstract style of Picasso is differentiated with Velazquez’s unique ability to capture human emotion in fine detail. The harsh lines and cubical shapes in Picasso’s painting are contrasted with Velasquez’s painterly and realistic forms. They both bring an essence of curiosity to the viewer but, in their own individual way. Any viewer can unmistakably mark these two paintings related and yet appreciate the unique qualities present in each painting.

Edward answers:

Interesting and well written. Good job!

Mary asks…

Did I experience death? Did God communicate with me or what happened?

To start off, no I was not on drugs, nor am I schizophrenic…

this happened at around 3.36pm today. I just got home from a basketball tournament, and when I was about to sit down, I passed out (I’m assuming I passed out, because suddenly I was on the ground beside my couch) I know it happened at 3:36 because I checked my facebook just before it happened and I know the clock said 3:36pm.

Anyways when I “woke up” it was 3:38. After I passed out, I remember being confused, and being somewhere I didn’t know. I wasn’t physically anywhere. I wasn’t thinking anything either, hearing, smelling, feeling etc. All of the events in my life, no matter how big or small seemed to be placed before me in a kind of panoramic three dimensional view, and each event in my life was accompanied by a consciousness of meaning and insight into it’s cause, and effect on everything that existed. Not only did I perceive everything from my own viewpoint, but I also knew the thoughts of everyone involved in the event, as if I had their thoughts within me. I perceived not only what I had done or thought, but even in what way it had influenced others, as if I saw things with all-seeing eyes. And all the time during the experience the importance of my life was emphasized. Looking back, I cannot say how long this life review and life insight lasted, it may have been long, for every subject came up, but at the same time it seemed just a fraction of a second, because I perceived it all at the same moment. Time and distance seemed not to exist. I was in all places at the same time, and sometimes my attention was drawn to something, and then I would be present there.”

Anyways it’s weird because all of this seemed to be a fraction of a second, but at the same time it could of been a long time. I then found myself on the ground trying to figure out where I was or even what i was and what I was doing, then my sense came back to me and I realized I passed out. I’ve passed out before playing the “pass out game” where you purposely pass out but nothing ever happened while I was passed out and it only lasted for a second or two until I would stand back up.

Anyone know what happened or why it happened? I just want answers on a spiritual view point, not mental or health related. I posted this in 2 other categories too. Thanks

Also im 16 years old if that helps. Right now I dont feel normal or anything, im the type of guy that would call someone a retard for asking a question like this, but right now I feel different about everything. thanks
dont bother answering if you didnt read the whole thing. I know its long… long

Edward answers:

Listen what happened to these men…….


Steven asks…

blacking out often having visions?

im not sure how people have visions, or what different kinds there are. or how to figure out what they mean.

but lately iv been blacking out when alone, and seeing a fairy holding a red ball floating behind me.
no drugs no alcohol, no schizophrenia im sixteen my mom says its my imagination.

the fairy has a purple triangular body and stick arms wrapped around a bright red ball, and a white head with a black drawn on face with nappy long hair, it smiles, and floats more like in a pattern of pictures.

it comes threw my window and enters my dresser mirror. i just completely black out meaning, i only see my surroundings behind me (which is this fairy floating to my dresser mirror.)
this has happened three times in the past week.

the other one scares the **** out of me its a game piece that’s 2 dimensional and sits on my dresser and is the devil dressed in a business suit. ill black out and see him staring at me and his eyes will get all swirly like its hypnotizing.
this has happened once.

im calling them visions because that’s all i can think of to call them, i haven’t told anyone besides my mom because people might think im crazy, but im not.
if i go to a doctor he will give me some stiff answers and some weird diagnosis, with pill scripts thats not what im looking for im looking for a deep answer.

Edward answers:

You could have a pyschological disorder which causes “visions.” I would discuss this with your parents and maybe your dr. The fact that it is the same events and you black out could be any number of things.

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Your Questions About Your Grandmother Is Going To Die

Robert asks…

how would u feel if this happened to you?

if your grandmother died and your best friend is a very emotional, sensitive person, and was goin through her own things while the whole funeral and wake type deal was goin on and couldnt be there for you physically but was tryin to be ther for you mentally like through aim or calling…and had gotten into a fight and was very distraught over family problems and reconciliations….and told u she wanted to come on thursday to see you and she was alwasy there for you in some way bu tcouldnt make it to the events and felt bad about … how would u feel since she is ur bff and only 2 of her other friends that werent even that close to her but knew her for that long went..how would you feel?
would u understand and not hold a grudge? would this in some way do something to the relationship you guys had?

and you guys have known eachother for 6 years or more and have been through thick and then before this.

Edward answers:

I wouldn’t hold a grudge. A big part of friendship is understanding. She tried to be there for you. She couldn’t, but if she was going through her own thing, then maybe she needed you as well? And if she felt bad about it, it obviously means she is sorry.

Thomas asks…

Guys, what would you be thinking if this happened?

Okay, so say you’re about 24 to 26 years old, okay. And, there’s this band that you like. So, you’re looking up stuff about the band. The lead guitarist (who has bangs, white-blond hair, blue eyes, and is a girl), who started the band, seems really familiar. So you start looking up interviews and stuff. And you find out that when she was twelve (which would have been 5-7 years ago, when your dad died), her grandmother, grandfather, and uncle all passed away. You also find out her name. She has the same first name of your cousin (who was at your grandmother‘s grandfather’s and dad’s funeral). The cousin you weren’t allowed to see after the funerals. She also has the same last name as you. Oh, so it is your cousin. BUT the thing is, it’s kinda hard to believe because back then, she didn’t have bangs, had dirty blond hair, wore no make up (now it’s like an emo-ish dark), and wore light colors. She was also that person who would go “Oh, these jeans are cute.” about your jeans (which were skinnies, sorry! Don’t joke), and then apologize because she didn’t know you would take it personally. She was the person who would compliment your hair when other people called you gay for it. Now, instead of you wearing all black (because you’ve changed, duh) she is. Haha! So, what would be going through your head and would you try to contact your cousin?
@Julia – Oh, I didn’t mean to confuse you! I sowwie!!!
Sorry, people! I’m advanced. lol! jk!
@Scarlett – Well, actually, this isn’t really happening. It’s for a story. lol!

Edward answers:

Woah, read that quickly and understood it. I think..

I think you should contact your cousin and catch up and talk with each other. She is family, she is part of your family and you two can be really close. Don’t look back at it, go get the number now and good luck!

James asks…

How would you feel if your extended relatives disrespected your Grandmother by changing her will in the 11th?

hour. My cousin by marriage is a well respected lawyer for Trusts. He redid my Grandmother‘s will to make sure she couldn’t give me what she wanted. I am sad that they could do this to my Grandmother. After my father dies my older brother and I will own some expensive property from my Grandmother However, I don;t ever want him to die. He is 70. Why would I ever bother speaking to these relatives again? I went to my Grandmother‘s funeral and my boyfriend said the only thing normal was my dead Grandmother. No one thought I would show up, because I am not feeling great.

Edward answers:

Respect can not be purchased.

Lizzie asks…

How is your Grandmother?


A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra.

Her grandmother just pitched a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that!

The teenager tells her, “Loosen up Grams. These are modern times.
You gotta let your rose buds show!” and out she goes.

The next day the teenager comes down stairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager wants to die. She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it is just not appropriate….

The grandmother says, “Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rose buds, then I can display my hanging baskets.”

Happy Gardening.
(This is too funny not to share!)

Edward answers:

Excellent joke, very funny too, that’s got to be worth a gold star…!

Maria asks…

What if you suddenly realized that either premonitions are real or your Grandmother committed suicide?

My grandma died in the fire when her house burned down a couple years ago. She was kind of a big lady and her balance was bad from Parkinson’s disease so her husband could not manage to pull her out without a great risk of being overcome by smoke himself. My grandma was scheduled to go in for knee surgery a week after that and was living in Michigan’s upper penninsula; 500 miles away from her nearest family other than her husband.
Her husband told us that the night before it happened, he was in the bed room sleeping, and he heard her calling from the living room (she often couldn’t sleep so went out to the living room and sat in the chair and smoked) “Bob!! Fire!!” He came running but there was no fire so he went back to bed.
Of course, the next night, there really was a fire, and my grandma died. Her husband was very distraught by this; so I know it wasn’t foul play on his part. He had a stroke and died a week after her death. What do you think of all this?
My dad had warned her about smoking sitting there in the chair like that, because the last time we went up there we noticed alot of cigarette burns on the chair where she fell asleep and dropped the cigarette. My grandma was also manic depressive, but as far as we know she was on her medication.

Edward answers:

That’s an interesting story. Do you think your grandmother or grandfather had the premonition? Did the same thing happen the night of the fire?

Sounds like it could have been a premonition, or your grandmother testing whether or not your grandfather would wake up and be able to get out.

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Your Questions About The Claxton

Steven asks…

speedy claxton ????…?

is HE injured or is He just not playing

Edward answers:

Yes he was injured every year!

Check this out!

William asks…

Speedy Claxton or Russell Westbrook?

Edward answers:

Westbrook no doubt, Claxton wasn’t that good

Carol asks…

do you go to Claxton?

My neice is going to Claxton elementry next year and she does not know anybody who goes there.

Edward answers:

I doubt anyone on Yahoo Answers goes to elementary school as you have to be 13 or older to be on here, sorry.

I’m sure your neice will be fine and make lots of friends though :)

Lisa asks…

Who is this Claxton who fiddled around with yoyo’s ?

a great artist , and gentleman

Edward answers:

Roy Claxton Acuff

Laura asks…

What stores sell Claxton Fruit Cake?

Edward answers:

My husband’s favorite!!! He get the 3 in a box, from Sam’s club. I have seen it at Food Lion (if you have this store in your area). It is much cheaper at Sam’s, so he buys several 3-packs and puts them in the freezer. When you buy it directly from the company, you have to pay shipping, and as they are very heavy cakes, it gets expensive. Good Luck!

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Your Questions About Retirement Income

Linda asks…

What percentage is taxed each year on your retirement penision income?

Edward answers:

Just noticed you are in the UK. In the USA, for most people, 100% of your retirement pension is counted as regular income and taxed at the regular rate. May be different in UK.

Nancy asks…


how will a degree in business prepare me for retirement without social security???

Edward answers:

It won’t.
However, on average any anyone with a degree will earn more $$ during his/her lifetime than someone without a degree. Given an equal percent of income savings, the degreed person will have more savings, come retirement age.

Lizzie asks…

avg retirement income in the usa?

Edward answers:

The “average” number won’t tell you very much, since it would include sever skewing at both ends, by billionaires at the top and the destitute at the bottom. A more useful number would be the median, or the income that “most” people get in retirement, and this typically depends on what efforts they made to prepare, but “on average” is about 50-70% of their income when they were working.

David asks…

Where to file income from retirement annuity?

I receive monthly income (small amount) from a retirement annuity. At the beginning of last year, I moved from the west coast to the east coast. Several months into the year, I changed my address with the annuity company.

Now, they sent me two 1099-R forms for 2008……. one showing a portion of the income reflecting CA as the state, and the other 1099-R form shows the balance of the income reflecting NC as the state.

Do I have to file a state return in both states because of this? I actually was in NC in 2008……. I just didn’t put through a change of address right away.

Edward answers:

I would suggest that you file a state income tax for each state shown on your 1099-R’s. However, if the amount shown on either 1099-R is below that state’s minimum income filing requirements, you may be able to ignore filing altogether. Just out of curiosity, is your total income at or below the minimum income level where the IRS says you are required to file? If your income is below the IRS’s minimum which would require you to file, this may be a good indication that you need not file a state return with either state.

Charles asks…

1099R income in California?

If you retired from a different state is your retirement pension taxable in California?
What if your under 60? Any exemptions restrictions?

Edward answers:

All private, local, state and federal pensions are fully taxed.
Retirement Income Taxes: Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits are exempt. There is a 2.5% tax on early distributions and qualified pensions.
Retired Military Pay: Follows federal tax rules.
Military Disability Retired Pay: Retirees who entered the military before Sept. 24, 1975, and members receiving disability retirements based on combat injuries or who could receive disability payments from the VA are covered by laws giving disability broad exemption from federal income tax. Most military retired pay based on service-related disabilities also is free from federal income tax, but there is no guarantee of total protection.
VA Disability Dependency and Indemnity Compensation: VA benefits are not taxable because they generally are for disabilities and are not subject to federal or state taxes.
Military SBP/SSBP/RCSBP/RSFPP: Generally subject to state taxes for those states with income tax. Check with state department of revenue office.


Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 08/24/2013

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