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Your Questions About Your Grandmother Is In My Prayers

Carol asks…

I need a prayer for sick people?

My 82 year old grandmother is sick and no one knows what’s wrong with her…What Bible passage or other prayers are there for sick people?

Thank you [and if you could keep her in your prayers, that would be very much appreciated].
we DID take her to a doctor!!!! READ CORRECTLY!
when I said NO ONE, who do you think I meant?
Thank you P@m!
Hyksoks, no offense at all! Thank you for helping!

Edward answers:

Really, what do you expect God to do about it? She’s 82. God will not grant her immortality if enough people pray.

If you want to get her to live a while longer, get her to a different doctor that can give you some idea of what’s wrong with her.

Sorry for the lack of sensitivity, but I think resorting to prayer is the most useless thing you can do for a sick loved one. Don’t waste any time. Put your faith in something practical that will actually help her.

Lisa asks…

prayer request please?

Hi everyone, i found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 lung cancer. she was also born with heart disease and battling with type 2 diabetes. she lives in China so they really believe in the fortune teller, life teller kinda stuff. and i think they went to 2 different ones (both represented by different people) and they both said she’d pass when she’s 72 or 73. that could either be her regular birthday, or the other one that chinese people go by, which kinda includes the time you are in the womb, so it’s one year older than you really are. she’s turning 72 soon, or 73 in the other way. people may say it’s silly, but in my life it has been accurate. i don’t want to believe it but …

i’m going to visit her tomorrow. and i want to ask you guys to pray for her and our entire family. and i’m praying that God will open the door and I will be able to speak to her about Jesus. Because sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m qualified to tell other people that when I’m battling inside as well. and also pray for health of healing. whether she’s going to heaven or hell I don’t want her to go. It’s selfish but I don’t want my family to go through that, especially since my mom won’t have the chance to see her everyday or to take care of her.

I pray that she will accept Christ and so will the rest of my family, it might be one step at a time, but as long as its done, right? I pray that she will not be suffering with the battles, I pray that her health will improve and not worsen. I pray that the conditions of our family members will be well kept the day that someone leaves.

she’s had breast cancer before, I don’t think the cancer is in her bones, but they say pretty much all of her lungs (idk if that’s one or both) are cancerous and it has expanded.

please keep her in your prayers.

Edward answers:

I will pray. God be with your family.

Mandy asks…

Would all of you strong christians please pray for my granddaughter and the family that we deal with things?

the right way According to waht God would want/ My son and wide are divorcing .His wife walked out the door not wanting to be mom or wife. We have convinvced our son he can do it alone now she has filed divorce papers seeking full custody of the baby (19) months. I can prove willfull neglect borfering on abuse ans CPS says if she trys to take custody they may step in and take our angel. I am not mad at the girl but this is not right.She doesn’t really want the baby it is her family. We can also prove that the grandmother of (moms som) lost her kids to the dad because the wife was raped repaetedly in her care. I also have a docotro who just today said I had brought the baby out of a clinical depression by showing her true love constantly,. I really need your prayers to help us through this. Please.
It is not a game to us and I do feel bad for the young mother I have had her in my home and have tried to help. It is a very sad situation for the child. I do want is best and that is why I ask for teh help of felow christians to help keep us focused onGod to do what is right. Thank you all for your support and prayers It has elped and will continue to do so. I believe in the power of prayer. I truly do not want to get dirt on her or take vengenance. I tolsd my son that if it means they both lose hewr for awhile then so be it as long as it is in her best interest. I still consider her the mother a part of my family.

Edward answers:

I know and understand what you are going through first hand. It is truly torment to know you love grandchildren and cannot protect them sometimes. We will agree and pray together. Lord God you know this situation and we pray your protection over this child, but we also know that you can change this young womans heart and give her a mothers heart to love this child and do what is best. God I pray by the holy spirit you convict her and if she must go into the world and do drugs or whatever, that she could put this baby’s needs first. Let her want more for her child than she had herself. God if there is anyway to put this marriage back together and give them a God centered marriage to do so. I pray you guide the grandparents on what to do, in Jesus name I pray. Amen

Mary asks…

Donations? How to set up a fundraiser?

WE NEED IDEA’S for support for a fundraiser for the residents of Optimist Village Assisted living apartments Who lost everything in a fire?
Hello! My name is Stephany. I am contacting you on behalf of Optimist Village Apartments. My grandmother, LaJuan Fuller, is the Administrator of Optimist Village for 21 years! My husband and I have contacted several local churches including MacArthur Heights Baptist Church, Family Worship Center, And Community Church. MacArthur Heights Baptist Church has donated housing for those who are unable to find residence. Family Worship Center has bought and raised clothing for the elderly and handicapped, and all three churches have gotten together and are sponsoring a BBQ fundraiser for next Saturday March 28th. Community Church will be providing all or most of the BBQ necessities. The reason for my email is to recognise the support from these AWESOME churches and many unknown “angels”. Also, we NEED advertising for these elderly and handicapped victims who have lost everything. Our request from you is that you will consider how to support our fundraising efforts to provide bedding, clothing, long term shelter, vision, false dentures, and monetary donations for all the necessities of the elderly which were lost and burned. We thank you for your help, your coverage, and your prayers. I was raised at Optimist Village, and my heart is still there. It will recover, but until then I feel it’s our responsibility as a community to reach out to the elderly, widowed, and handicapped. I look forward to your idea’s and your support. Graciously, Stephany

Edward answers:

Sorry to hear of this tragedy. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but some radio stations like our local WFMS 95.5, The Country Station (Indianapolis, IN) has a link on their website called Friends and Family. They will promote your BBQ, getting the word out, so that there will be a bigger turnout for the event. There may be similar ones on your local radio stations. There might even be local tv stations who will do the same, since it’s for such a good cause. And by that word of mouth, even if people don’t show up for the event, you may find that there are people who call in or write in to make a donation. Hope these ideas help. God bless all who have done so much in this effort. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these people who have lost so much.

Ron W

Maria asks…

Do you like this story? Could you help me with it… i’m stuck?

These past few weeks have been hard on my family, what with my grandmother dying. Her name was Jan but it was pronounced Yahn. I used to see her every single summer. Me and Pauly would travel for hours and hours on the train by ourselves and we would get to see her. She lived way, way out in the country. Rural as you may put it. I remember how every night when I went to sleep she would come in and say.
“Anny, say your prayers” Then we would kneel against the side of the bed and pray. Then I would get in bed and she would say.
“Goodnight sweet-pea may your dreams be peaceful” Then she would walk out and leave the door ajar just incase. I would always hear the creaks of the wood planks while she walked. Then I would just close my eyes and drift off.
My grandmother’s favorite thing though , was the stars. Whenever the weather was nice we would go lie down on a blanket and stare at the stars.
“I think the stars are wonderful things” She would say “And that when god calls us, that’s where we go. Grandpa is up there. Booky-Boo is up there. Lots of people are up there” Once when I was about 8, I made a promise to her, I promised that when god calls her that whenever I looked at the stars I will think of her. When I was 8 I thought that it would be a long time until she died, but its only 3 years later and she died.
I used to sleep in my mothers old room out there. It smelled of old coffe and beans. The wall paper was 22 years old – my mom picked it out herself when she was 5- and it was stained and peeling around the edges. There was a little closet in the corner that I used to look at a lot. But it wasn’t until I was older and taller that I realized the box. It was an old shoe box with the writing on it LUNA’S TREASURE BOX. I opened it up and there were tons of photos of my mom, a few from when she was a baby, in the early 80’s and then some from when she was my age, and then there were some from about 1996 when she was pregnant with Pauly. 14 years ago, she was only 13. But then there were the ones from 88 when she was pregnant with me. She 16, Pauly was 3.
Enough on the subject.

Thats where i got stuck.

Edward answers:

Vary your sentence structure more often, you say “then” waaay too many times. And, really, i couldnt decide what to do next nor could anybody else because it’s YOUR story. You cant just write up a page, let someone else choose the path of the plot, and then expect to be able to write a book about it. YOU decide what will happen next.

BTW, how are the piercings

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Your Questions About Fafsa

Sandra asks…

How will getting a new car affect my FAFSA school aid?

My family is considering getting a new car, and was planning to buy one under my name to help raise my credit score. I was wondering if this would affect my chances of receiving government aid from FAFSA?

Edward answers:

One has nothing to do with the other.

Carol asks…

Can you still send in your FAFSA if you dont have a drivers license?

I was planning to send in my Fafsa today, but I cant find my drivers license anywhere! The Fafsa asks for a drivers license number. Can I still send it in if I dont have one? And will it be sent back if I send it in without one?

Edward answers:

Yes you can. Leave the state the drivers license was issued and the number blank.

James asks…

Can a son receive the FAFSA if his father is currently receiving the FAFSA?

My boyfriend is applying for the FAFSA and he’s an independent under 24 with divorced parents. He’s unsure whether to report his father’s earnings or his mother’s. His father (who has four other dependents and lived off of food stamps in the last 5 years) was approved for the FAFSA and is currently using it. His mother made 90k last year but declared bankruptcy a week ago. My question is, would it hurt him to report his father who is on the FAFSA more than his mother?

Edward answers:

If your boyfriend is still a dependent he will need to provide the information of the parent who provided the most support to him during the past year (provided that he doesn’t live with either of them). This could be a parent who bought him any clothes or food, etc. If neither parent contributed anything to him, then he is supposed to use the information of the parent who makes the most money (this is all on the fafsa website in the FAQs section).

Yes, a son and father can both receive fafsa at the same time. In addition, your boyfriend would probably get more money reporting his father’s income, as bankruptcy makes no difference… It’s purely income. He will also have to report his income. If he’s asked for verification, he’ll have to prove that he was correct in choosing the parent that he did — by proof of support. Good luck to you.

Paul asks…

Why does the Department of Education FAFSA laws dictate a family’s choice to raise independent children?

FAFSA app has 7 criterions one must meet in order to claim independent status. Most students parents raise them to be independent to handle their own college costs so the parent(s) can save for their retirement. It is so easy for the government to say its the parent’s responsibility to pay their child’s education; but the schools & the govt have a business relationship with each other in order to stick parents with even more debt for the sake of educating their children. As a parent, I taught my child to be financially responsible and independent because I have to also save for my retirement. At 18 years old, a child can apply for credit, rent apartments and apply for car loans. Why can’t the same child apply for school loans under FAFSA? Esp. under the circumstances the parent(s)saving for their retirement& not be dependent on their kids in their elder years. The DOE is such a joke because it appears to give grants to schools to help students only to issue $$$ loans and a $50 grant!

Edward answers:

Actually, it’s not the Department of Education. Congress determines what calculations are used for an EFC and whether a student is Independent or Dependent. It’s part of the Higher Education Act of 1965. It is subject to “reauthorization” where Congress has to review the Act. This link provides some of the bills and legislation: http://www.nchelp.org/elibrary/index.cfm?parent=1791

Schools use the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) in conjunction with the school’s COA (Cost of Attendance) to determine what types of aid a student is eligible for. So it’s not the DOE per se that determines what financial aid a student will receive.

I know it’s very frustrating! All I can suggest is to contact your congressional representatives and express your concerns to them regarding the FAFSA. Good luck!

George asks…

How long after your fafsa application is processed do you actually get the money for school?

Im wondering if i fill out the fafsa it takes two weeks to process application. How long do i have to wait for the money for school? How does it work?

Edward answers:

This was my experience.

Did FAFSA, processed 1 day later, my school got it a few days later, they asked for verification, I printed out the Dependent Verification form I was asked to fill out and attach my parents IRS tax form 2009, I gave it to my Financial Aid Office personally however you can mail this if you are too far away, THREE weeks later, it verified and has “satisfied requirements and processed”, so my status says in my schools website. Now, you will receive the money shortly before classes start. What happens is, they need to determine how much you need so in order to do that, they have to see how many classes you are signed up for, and estimate what you’d need for books etc. However, for the cost of tuition, you don’t get the money, the school does. For books however, you get a check in the mail.

If there’s any money left back, you keep it. :D

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Your Questions About Lambeau Field

Nancy asks…

Where would the NFL national division championship would be played if Packers beat 49ers?

Would it be played in the Lambeau Field? What ruled is applied to determine who hosts the game? Thanks.

Edward answers:

If the Falcons beats the Seahawks next weekend, the NFC championship would be played in Atlanta because the Falcons are the #1 seed in the NFC.

The #3 seeded Packers would only host the NFC championship if the Seahawks beat the Falcons, and the Packers beat the #2 seeded Niners.

For additional info on the specific rules concerning NFL postseason play, please refer to the NFL website.

Robert asks…

How many defensive holdings will go uncalled for Green Bay this game?

Is there any point in playing at Lambeau field? Just give the packers a win every home game.
If you watch the packers it is all they do, I dont think Woodson has ever not held on a play this year.
@Brett Favre, that isnt an excuse you moron, did you watch the play?

Edward answers:

Oh man, you’re already crying?

Susan asks…

What would happen if a tornado collided with an outdoor sports stadium?

Let’s say a F5 tornado formed, and in its path was Yankee Stadium? Or Lambeau Field?

Let’s say the stadium was full of people/players too.

What would happen to the people/players? What would happen to the stadium?

Edward answers:

If an EF5 tornado struck a sports stadium, the stadium would be destroyed. Anybody caught out in the open would be tossed around and their body pelted with debris. They would either get seriously injured or killed. The people who seeked shelter would either get injured or killed.

William asks…

What have we done to the legacy of football weather?

I can’t believe some fans are appalled at the idea of a Super Bowl in New York and a Big Ten Championship at Lambeau Field. I mean, this isn’t soccer now: we don’t have to be conformists!

Football is a cold weather sport! You should know that!

Edward answers:

I love it , playing in the elements what ever they may be thats the way the game should be played . Honestly i think it was always tried to be played in good weather for the benefit of the fans attending the games thats the only thing i think will hinder the games played in cold weather , but personally if my team is playing in the Big game i don’t care what the weather is i am there !

Helen asks…

If the Vikings get a new stadium, who would buy the naming rights?

Today, most of the Stadiums have company names. I like creative names like Mile High Stadium (doesn’t exist anymore), Lambeau Field, and Arrowhead Stadium. Some possible candidates for the naming rights are Medtronic, Land O lakes, Xcel Energy, and Best Buy. I think the best idea would be naming the new stadium in honor of Max Winter, like they did with Winter Park. Call it something like Winter Field, and make it outdoors.

Edward answers:

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Target stadium, especially with the Wolves in Target Center and the Twins in Target Field. They’ll probably try and monopolize Minnesota sports. But I think it’d be cool if we actually got a unique name, not like Kelloggs field or something crappy like that. But Winter Park would be the coolest thing ever.

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Your Questions About How To Invest In Commodities

Susan asks…

Is Treasury Direct a good way to start investing?

I recently opened up an account at treasurydirect.gov. I don’t have much money to invest but I’m curious if this is a good website to invest my money. I’m 21 so I’m very young and just getting into the game.

any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Edward answers:

Treasury Direct is a great web site & offers some great product for savings. I wouldn’t consider this investing. Treasury bills & bonds can be an important part of your portfolio. Make sure you have some liquid assets available in a high interest FDIC insured bank. Two I’d suggest are;



But bonds & bills earn dividends & interest. If you keep them till maturity there is no “capital” growth, like stocks, REITS or commodities. It may be time to learn about Mutual Funds and “asset allocation”. Start off by reading;
Mutual Funds For Dummies

Carol asks…

What is a good way to start investing as a teen?

I am 16 and I’ve been saving up a good sum of money over the last few years. Instead of just having that money sit around, I’d like to utilize it.

I would like to invest my money into something safe and long-term which would compound interest. I’ve looked briefly into mutual funds and other forms of investments, but I’m not really sure where to begin.

Could somebody point me in the right direction?

Edward answers:

Have you looked into bonds? I’ve been doing a bit of research and while I educate myself on stocks, commodities, etc. I plan on investing some money into a municipal bond. Municipal bonds are tax deferred, which is a big plus for me. They’re safe and provide a good interest rate.

Mark asks…

Where is the official place online I can invest in Gold and Silver?

I would like to invest in gold online, but I do not know where to go. I have some investments in places like sharebuilder, but where can I go to invest in Gold and Silver?

Edward answers:

The best way to invest is through Exchange Traded Fund’s listed on the NYSE. This is something you might be able to do through sharebuilder.

GLD – Gold ETF
SLV – Silver ETF

They move almost identical to the commodities movements.

Betty asks…

what is the best & safe way to invest money to get maximum interest?

i have some ammount of money for investment.i want a safe way to invest the money.
i am a retired person.

Edward answers:

Banks FD and RD is the best option for investment. If you want to earn money on daily basis then Commodity market is the best option for you.

Steven asks…

Would you rather date a rich idiot, or a smarter poor guy?

Lets say there are two guys into you, one didn’t go to college, invested in commodities and stuff while working as a welder and he’s now filthy rich. Other guy studied hard at a university and is ass deep in debt.

Which would you get with rather? (imagine they both look attractive or something – their only difference is the money and personality)

Edward answers:

Well you never mentioned the type of personality so id go with the rich guy…..lol

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Your Questions About Investment Returns 2011

Helen asks…

Using an Independent Investment Advisor?

I am using an independent investment advisor and Im just looking for some feedback on the pros and cons of using them.
So far, I like the fact the advisor has no direct affliliation with my brokerage account(Schwab). My advisor does not make any money from the trade commissions, therefore eliminating unnecessary trading. Also, since she is managing my own Schwab account, I KNOW exactly what she is investing my money in….unlike those who used Madoff..apparently in that case your money went into a black hole and he just sent you falsified reports..
Finally, since the advisor is independent, I believe she has little or no pressure from companies (or other outside source) to buy/sell stocks that are not in my full interest. (I could be completely wrong, but I think there have has been fraud/corruption in the past where large brokerage firms buy stocks from companies to artificially inflate the stock or some other reason)
So far.. its been ok using the independent advisor.. but just wondering what pitfalls or concerns you may using them as opposed to others.. Thanks!

Edward answers:

Easy question for her. What was her % increase for her portfolio in 2011. Ask for proof. The S&P broke even. The S&P500 is used as the bench mark for the industry. Eighty five % of money managers fail to beat the S&P. If she says the return over the last three years has been eg:11%, she didn’t answer your question. She sidestepped it. You want that answer too, but the key question is for 2011. Dow was up by 6% for the year.

Regarding fees and interests. If she is trying to sell you annuities or Mutual funds. Run from her/him if this is being suggested to you. Those are investments of last resort. She does not have your interests in mind. There are so many hidden fees in Funds and Annuities that most advisors won’t reveal. Even with no load funds. These two short paragraphs tell you everything.

John asks…

Earned Income Credit for 2011 return?

if in the last past years you had qualifies for EIC with cash wages(sel-employed) can you still qualifiy if you work all 2011 or how can you be eligible?? any news about it??

Edward answers:

Same concept as before.

Earned income is either wages or net self-employment income. Those who are self-employed should be prepared for an audit to prove both income and expenses.

The amount available depends on your total earned income, AGI and investment income. If your income is too high or you have too much investment income, you will not qualify.

Ruth asks…

Investment of money for maximum returns?

I want to Invest Rs 50000. Where shoud i invest so that i have maximum returns after 3 years?

Edward answers:

I would suggest you to invest your money in reliance power stock.
This stock is below its issue price and the company will start working in 2011 so by then i think it would be around 600
thre are some other stocks where u can invest

Bhagyanagar india curent price 19 rs book value 58 rs
samtex fasion curent price 13 book value 38
u can invest in
kaashpay also its 1.30 current price

Mandy asks…

How should I report capital loss due to investment for tax assessment 2012?

If I had $10k investment of stock A in October 2011, and I sold the whole amount at $9k in October 2012, how should I report this loss? I filed the $10k investment in the 2011 tax assessment, but now do I need to report this amount again in my 2012 assessment??

Edward answers:

How did you “file” the investment in your 2011 tax return? And more importantly, why? You don’t need to report the purchase of any investment, only the sale.

Regardless, it’s a simple matter of reporting the loss on Schedule 3.
Disposition proceeds = 9,000
ACB = 10,000
Gain/Loss = -1000

Charles asks…

Since 2008, what has happened to your investment portfolio? up, down? how much?

Just wondering. Comparing it to mine, see how stupid I was.
well, with my stratedgy (dow index fund)…I would be about even.

On January 4, 2008, 12800 points.
2012=12419 .7 drops a year..haha.
i meant the past 4 years.

Edward answers:

My three year cumulative return is a 22.42%. (2009-2011) You didn’t say from the beginning of 2008 or the end of 2008.

Not exactly a Bonanza.

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