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Hi, My name is Edward Forsythe, I have a passion for helping people achieve enough passive income through investing in the right vehicles to secure their financial future. I will be sharing with you several financial facts to help you make better decisions investment.

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Your Questions About Investment Returns In India

Robert asks…

Why is an illegal Ponzi scheme called LIS DEEPASTHAMBHAM PROJECT allowed to run for 32 years in India?

I came across the site www.lisdsp.org while searching for e-mail fraud. It seems that the promoters of this incredible scheme offer 200% return on investment.It even solicits investors from the US where such schemes are banned. How could such a Ponzi scheme, (a tad different from the usual pyramid schemes) be run under the nose of the Indian authorities? It only takes a complaint from a US citizen citing the presence on the web or accessibility of the website www.lisdsp.com from her home computer in the US, to get the FTC or IC3 involved, I think. In my opinion, such schemes will make people greedy and affect the whole economy adversely.
www.lisdsp.com This seems to be the official site of the scheme while another, more comprehensive one, picks on the claims of the promoters: www.lisdsp.org

Edward answers:

Actually, such schemes (including MLM) are somewhat self-regulating as they depend upon the greedy and stupid to succeed. Once the target population is out of money, the scheme collapses.

Like gambling, lotteries and helping Nigerian royals get their money out of the country ;-) it falls into a category of “stupidity tax”.

Donna asks…

How to do business in Industry as a supplier with min investment & in what should be the product ?

I have to start business as a industrial supplier with minimum investment. Guide me about product also i.e. which product should I promote.

Edward answers:

Here is a great business opportunity waiting for you.

You can start this business with minimum investment but gain substantial returns with your efforts either by working full time/part time.

Trusted world leaders in the Wellness Industry dealing with Healthcare and Nutritional products.
-Over 30 years of Experience
-Over Rs 18,000 Crores of Annual Turnover
-Over 6.5 Crores registered and satisfied customers across the world
-One of the fastest growing company in India
-We have positively changed several lives

If you are genuninely interested you can email your interest to “ALHW2009@hotmail.com” with your contact details for an appointment.

If you are in Hyderabad, India you can immediately attend a seminar on Sunday, 6th Dec morning to get a fair understanding about this business opportunity and about the products.

Chris asks…

Is Romney down on China because of his investments in India?

We all know he made his businesses successful by outsourcing and downsizing. If you believe otherwise you have been fooled. Would his secret tax returns reflect that fact?
Or South America and Mexico?

Edward answers:

If his returns did not show his income from overseas he would release them.

Lizzie asks…

Which is the best Investment policy in India?

I want to invest Rs.2000-3000 each months for 5-10 years which can give me the highest assured returns.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

Edward answers:

Systematic investment plan(SIP) in mutual fund and Recurring Deposit(RD) is always the great option if you wanna invest every month with little amount for long time.

Recurring Deposit(RD) is recommended here because it is more secure than sip in mutual fund, because mutual fund depends on how share market goes so there is risk too.

Hope, it helped.

Carol asks…

Which is best one time investment plan in India to get maximum returns in 5years?

want to know best investment for 2-3 year but only one time investment Rs 50,000/-only
Can anybody suggest the right plan?

Edward answers:

Investing in shares and mutual funds,you gain if the market is in the uptrend. Other wise you even loose the initial investment if the market is in the down trend. Small savings scheme are safe but do not give substantial gains. The surest and perhaps the best investment source at present are the bank deposits. So look around either psu or private banks that gives maximum interest rates and deposit for five years with growth option.

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Your Questions About Retirement Income Funds

Chris asks…

Question about retirement benefits?

Does a company have a legal obligation to honor all terms and conditions associated with an employees retirement which were in effect at the time of that retirement? Also can someone explain ERISA?
The company was bought by another company and it’s the new company that won’t honor those orginal terms.

Edward answers:

ERISA- Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 is a federal law that sets standards for most voluntary established pension and health plans in private industry. The funds of the plan is usually administered and managed by people called fiduciaries they are people that administer the funds of the retirement plan for the interest of the plan holders. Fiduciaries must act prudently in evaluating risk where the plan is to be invested. Fiduciaries who do not follow the principles of conduct may be personally liable to restore any losses to the plan. In most cases the court must take whatever action appropriate against fiduciaries that breach their duties. The answer to your question is yes the company has a legal obligation to honor all terms and conditions associated with an employee retirement plan. However, if the fund was affected because of the economic down turn and the fiduciaries acted in good faith and followed the principles of right conduct then the conditions of the retirement plan may not be followed to the latter. But it will be the duty of the fiduciaries to represent the plan holders in exerting all effort to get their investments back from the financial institution where the plan is invested.

William asks…

starting a retirement plan?

I’m 21, working part time(~$8000/annual income), help pay rent/bills and save the rest of my money; full time community college freshman student majoring in liberal arts and sciences, planning to transfer to a 4-yr college or university for microbiology and hoping to get a phd, have financial aid, which currently covers my tuition and planning to get loans/grants/scholarships for future educational expenses.

Now that I made my goals clear, I need some help making a retirement plan, which until recently, knew nothing about and I don’t know anyone(including older people) who has a retirement plan: I don’t qualify for a 401k until I make 1000hrs. at work which should take about 2 yrs. to reach so I decided to open an IRA instead; I made an account at mint.com to help calculate my expenses, and for now I’m planning to invest $10 from every paycheck(~$40/mo. or $480/yr.) until my income increases since I only get about $200 a month for myself which goes to college textbooks, gas, and eventually, my IRA.

One thing I want to know, is this a good plan? Do you have any advice from what I’ve mentioned? And the main reason, how do I open an IRA and how does the payment for it work, do I pay them when I start withdrawing money from the IRA, or when I’m opening the IRA? Any help or advice will be very helpful. Thank you.

Edward answers:

Please follow this:
Do not start saving for your retirement until you have 5 months of income in savings.
This is going to be your Emergency Fund.

Too many times, young people save for their retirement early, then something happens and they get hit with penalties if they need that retirement money out.
You NEED savings first.
The kids that will tell you here “it’s never too early” know nothing !

Ruth asks…

Is this possible for a retirement fund?

This may be a stupid question, but I don’t know much about investing, and I don’t have anyone else to ask. Is there a type of retirement plan that I can just add to when I have extra funds available? My husband and I do have a 401k that gets contributed to out of his check, but I do craft jobs and that is all extra money. We don’t need the money for any bills, as his salary takes care of everything. I would like to use this money to start another retirement plan, but the income varies. I may make a good bit one month then really low the next few weeks. So I guess I want to give what I can when I can, but in a retirement plan that I don’t have easy access to the extra money unless it would be a loan against it for emergencies? Make sense???

Edward answers:

You can still contribute the extra money to your 401k plan, as long as you are staying below the limit. Contact the administrator (or the company that sends you your statements) and ask if you can make additional deposits to the account.

Or, open up a CD, which earns a set rate of interest (low right now) but the interest is taxable where a retirement plan tends to not be taxed until you withdraw the funds.

Good luck, and no questions about finances are stupid questions, nearly no one in America understands business or investing at all.

Susan asks…

Saving between retirement and emergency savings?

I have neglected my retirement savings to pay down debt and save for an emergency fund. I am 36 years old and single. I own a rental property and still owe 21 years of payments on it. My emergency fund has $2500.00. I put $50 a week in it. The only retirement savings I have is an IRA for $1800 and a 401k that has about $600. I have $14K in college debt and 20k in credit card debt. I have been pating extra on the credit cards. I only contribute 2% of my income to 401k. Should I lower my emergency fund contribution and increase my 401k contribution?

Edward answers:

You should have 3 to 6 months worth of expenses in your emergency fund, then you should be concentrating on retirement. You should put 10% or more into your retirement fund.

You should build up your emergency fund, then concentrate on retirement, not the other way round.

In any case, make sure you are putting enough into your 401(k) to capture any company match.

Your debts come before retirement funding.

It sounds like you are shooting a little bit at too many targets.

I would not have invested in rental property until I had a funded emergency fund and my retirement planning underway, but that is jus me.

Check out Dave Ramsey’s books, website, television show, or radio show.

Good luck!!!

Laura asks…

a finance question,(401k retirement mutual funds)?

I’m 61 years old and considering retiring next year.By that time I’ll have $100,000,($50,000 each in 2 different 401k mutual funds). Do I have to start withdrawing the money out of both 401k mutual funds?? How much money/month do I have to withdraw from one or both 401k retirement mutual funds???

Edward answers:

You don’t need to take anything out if you don’t want too.
Just roll the 401k into an IRA with the same or different
mutual fund company. Mandatory withdrawals start at 70
and a half. You better have another means of income,
because you will need much more then $100,000.

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Your Questions About Fandango

Ken asks…

What do you do if i purchase harry potter tickets off of Fandango?

Cause i have money to,we are gonna watch it in the theaters in 3D

What do i do after i purchase the tickets off fandango if i dont have a printer???

Edward answers:

When purchase tickets on fandango, you don’t print them. Take your credit card used in the purchase to the theater and a kiosk will print your tickets.

Nancy asks…

How do I use a fandango gift card?

Someone bought me a fandango gift card but I don’t kno how to use it.

Edward answers:

Recently, I received an online gift certificate to Fandango. I had never heard of the website before and was excited to see what I would be cashing in my gift certificate for. I was excited to learn that Fandango is like Movietickets and that I received $20 for a free movie! I love going to the theater to see new movies and was equally excited to go for free!

Since we never get to go out (you know how old married couples are), my husband and I decided to get a babysitter and use my gift certificate for Fandango to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I followed the directions on the email received with my gift certificate number and was disappointed that the only theater that I could redeem my Fandango money at was in a “not-so-great” area not close to my house. Ok, whatever..we have to drive a few miles, no biggie. The theater that accepted the Fandango wasn’t safe but how many gang bangers are gonna go see Brad Pitt in all his Benjamin Button glory?

I followed through the prompts on the website and ended up paying $22.00 for two movie tickets. WOW! Fandango adds fees. Since it was a gift, no biggie.

Our tickets were easy to pick up. Since I had to pay the remaining $2.00 (my gift cert. Was for $20.00), I just had to visit the kiosk inside the main door, enter my debit card that I paid the $2.00 with and out popped our tickets. No standing in line or hearing the dreaded “Sorry that movie is Sold Out”.

I was very disappointed with the theater selection in my area but enjoyed the free movie, nonetheless and am very grateful for my Fandango gift certificate.

After all, seeing Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is worth the extra fees, not-so-great area and short drive!
You can search for theaters that use you gift card at this link (you use it just like any other gift card)

Susan asks…

Can fandango sell all the tickets to a theater?

When fandango sells tickets, do they sell all the tickets or are they given only a certain amount of tickets that they can sell ahead of time?

I ask this because one time I went to a movie and fandango had said (after I bought the tickets) that the movie was sold out, but then there were a ton of seats open.

Edward answers:


Jenny asks…

Is it cheaper to purchase ticket on the Fandango website or at the theater?

Hi I’m trying to buy ticket at Century 20 theater at Great Mall, and I found out that on the Fandango website, they are selling ticket at $7.35 and was wondering if it is the same price as when you buy the ticket at the theater. They said the morning show is a 6.00, but then there is a 1.35 fee

Edward answers:

Morning shows tend to be cheaper anyway, but fandango charges a fee so it is more expensive to book movies online, the difference is that if you want to see a popular movie, it reserves a seat for you

Helen asks…

How does fandango work?

I bought tickets from fandango and I printed out the confirmation code. It says I need to bring my credit card, but I used my dad’s credit card. If I bring my dad’s credit card and he’s not there, what will happen?

Edward answers:

You don’t need your dad at the movie theater. They just swipe the credit card and your tickets automatically print out. Also, you can just go to the machines they have and click retrieve tickets (or something like that) then swipe the credit card then. I’ve purchased through Fandango hundreds of times.

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Your Questions About Lambeau Field

Linda asks…

Why not Lambeau Field for a Super Bowl?

Now that the new NY stadium will see an SB, why not Lambeau? I realize that hotels a little might be hard to find, but why not have the biggest game of the year at one of the best (if not the best) stadium in the league?

Edward answers:

I agree, look, I’m from Green bay there are plenty of hotels…it’s not like it’s a puny little 2 restaurant town here. You have Appleton which is running abundant with hotels right next store (25 miles away).
I suppose some people will claim there’s not enough to do outside the super bowl, whatever.
Green Bay doesn’t get much colder than New York, I think Lambeau should get the chance. One of the first 3 teams to enter the NFL, most championship wins in the NFL, it’s only right when talking about cold weather stadiums.
As for inclement weather, we barely had any snow this past winter. Lambeau holds 72,928, that may be a problem, not sure about the numbers game. Other than that, I see no problem that can’t be solved.

Edit: Hey, maybe I’m just used to freezing at December games, been to several. I’m still alive and enjoyed the games…come on now it’s football, right? And I agree with you on the mystique of Lambeau, it really is like walking into history and an experience that is like little others.

Steven asks…

Has anyone been to a reception at Lambeau Field?

How was the food?
How was the overall experience?

Edward answers:

I don ‘t even know where it is.

If it’s like most sports stadiums, then the food is awful.

George asks…

Who or what was Lambeau Field named after?

I’m thinking it was a person maybe a great coach or quarterback.

Edward answers:

Earl Louis “Curly” Lambeau (April 9, 1898 – June 1, 1965) was the founder, a player, and the first coach of the Green Bay Packers professional American football team. He holds the distinction of winning the most NFL championships with 6.

Susan asks…

How many times have the Dallas Cowboys lose to Green Bay at Lambeau Field?

Edward answers:

1-5 After Sunday! I guarantee you! HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!?? SOON TO BE 3-0

Laura asks…

How Many Rows of Seats are there in Lambeau Field?

Such as I’ll be in row 38, Seats 05 & 06 – So how many Rows of seats are there 1 – ?

Edward answers:

I’m surprised a Packer fan can count that high(38)…

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Your Questions About Best Investments Now

Susan asks…

What is the average percentage of dividends paid out on investments?

I was wondering if there is an average that investments pay out in dividends. I am sure that each one is different but what is typical? 2%, 10%??? I have no clue.

Edward answers:

Of the 366 stocks in the S&P 500 that pay a dividend, the average yield is 2.34%. If you count the rest of the index’s stocks that don’t pay a dividend, the average goes down to 1.7%.

William asks…

How can I group my like investments in My Portfolios on the Yahoo Finance page?

I have several investment accounts for different objectives into the same Mutual Fund, and I want them to listed together In “My Portfolio” on the Yahoo Finance page.

Edward answers:

You are spinning your wheels. One Mutual Fund holds multiple investments with let’s say, growth objective. You would accomplish nothing by keeping track of the fund’s trading. If you were to do the tracking, invest in companies’ stocks or bonds. You then could have an accurate handle on trading and dividend activity. Yahoo will include the Mutual Fund’s performance but will not tell you it’s daily trading activity.

Betty asks…

How can I get legit investments companies that pay online?

I am looking for legit investments companies online that can pay a good return and in a shorter period of time.

Edward answers:


Donna asks…

What are some good websites to learn about real estate investments?

What are some good websites to learn about real estate investments? Also are there any websites other then realtor that I can use to search multi family houses for sale?

Edward answers:

Http://www.donaldtrump.com click on the university part

Michael asks…

What is the journal entry to record the loss of $9000 on investments sold?

I believe it’s a DR: Unrealized Loss $9000 and CR: Cash $9000. But please help. A company sold all of its investments (Avail. For Sale) at a loss of $9000.

Edward answers:

It’s not an unrealized loss because you are actually losing the money. Unrealized loss would be if it went down in value but you still held it.
What was the book value of the investment?
Ie. Say it was valued at historical cost of $10,000

Cash 1,000 DR
Loss on Investment 9,000 DR
Investments 10,000 CR

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