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Your Questions About Laberge

Robert asks…

what are some of the truly beneficial purposes of lucid dreaming?

I was thinking a little about what you can use lucid dreaming to ?
Can you recover forgotten information like you can do it with hypnosis ?
That would be awesome !
Since there is some forgotten information I would really like to recover.

Edward answers:

I do not believe lucid dreams can help you recover lost memories. But I’m not sure.
I do know that lucid dreaming is really good and beneficial for people that have problems with nightmares. Usually patients will get trained in lucid dreaming because it has been proven to be an effective treatment is stopping nightmares. Usually a patient will go to a lab, and the doctors will induce the person to have a lucid dream and when the nightmare begins, the person becomes lucid, and changes the nightmare to a pleasant dream. One example I recall Dr. Stephen LaBerge gave was when a patient had a nightmare about a lion attacking. The patient became lucid and the lion turned into a beautiful women.
Other benefit he mentioned was that lucid dreaming can help with confidence or even problem solving. But for the most part it’s just straight out fun. I’ve had 2 lucid dreams in all my life. The last one I had was cool. I’m looking forward to another one. I want to stand in front of a large crowd and tell them something weird. Lol

Lisa asks…

Any specific methods to better my chances of lucid dreaming?

Ive been trying for a week now. I have a dream journal, I do reality checks, and I tell myself I will have lucid dreams throughout the day. But I feel like I need more. Please help if you have any proven methods that work. Thanks.

Edward answers:

Lucid dreaming is awareness of the fact that you are dreaming. What a dreamer does with lucidity reflects personal tendencies and levels of skill attained usually through experience and practice. Although a lucid dreamer can influence the dream’s structure, characters, course, etc., it is not a given that a lucid dream is about what the dreamer wants it to be about. Seasoned lucid dreamers who are more often lucid than not will continue to encounter psychological and developmental challenges in the dreamscape. You can control your dreams using the lucid dreaming methods that follow.
1)During the day, repeatedly ask “Am I dreaming?” and perform some reality checks whenever you remember. With practice, if it happens enough, you will automatically remember it during your dreams and do it.
2)Keep a dream journal. This is perhaps the most important step towards lucid dreaming. Keep it close by your bed at night, and write in it immediately after waking. Or you can keep a recording device if you find it easier to repeat your dream out loud
3)Learn the best time to have a lucid dream. By being aware of your personal sleep schedule, you can arrange your sleep pattern to help induce lucid dreams.

Studies strongly suggest that a nap a few hours after waking in the morning is the most common time to have a lucid dream.
Lucid dreams are strongly associated with REM sleep. REM sleep is more abundant just before the final awakening. This means they most commonly occur right before waking up. (Sleep-onset REM is a symptom of narcolepsy. If you have lucid dreams right after falling asleep, you may wish to consider seeking medical advice from a sleep medicine specialist. However, there are studies which show people can recall dreams after being awakened during non-REM sleep).
Dreams usually run in 60-minute (Weiten Psych book 2004) cycles during sleep. If you are working on dream recall, it may be helpful to try waking yourself up during one of these cycles (interrupted dreams are often the ones we remember)
4)Try Stephen Laberge’s mnemonic induction of lucid dreaming (MILD) technique.

Set your alarm clock to wake you up 4 1/2, 6, or 7 1/2 hours after falling asleep.
When you are awakened by your alarm clock, try to remember the dream as much as possible.
When you think you have remembered as much as you can, return to your place of rest, imagining that you are in your previous dream, and becoming aware that you are dreaming. Say to yourself, “I will be aware that I’m dreaming,” or something similar. Do this until you think that it has “sunk in.” Then go to sleep.
If random thoughts pop up when you are trying to fall asleep, repeat the imagining, self-suggestion part, and try again. Don’t worry if you think it’s taking a long time. The longer it takes, the more likely it will ‘sink in,’ and the more likely you will have a lucid dream.
5)Try attempting the WILD (wake initiated lucid dream) technique. Basically what it means is that when you fall asleep you carry your awareness from when you were awake directly into REM sleep and you start out as a lucid dream.

The easiest way to attempt this technique is if you take an afternoon nap or you have only slept for 3-7 hours.
Try to meditate into a calm but focused state. You can try counting breaths, imaging ascending/descending stairs, dropping through the solar system, being in a quiet soundproof area, etc.
Listening to Theta binaural beats for an amount time will easily put you into a REM sleep.
See the warnings at the bottom, as these are very important.

Richard asks…

Can anyone else control what happens in their dreams?

Sometimes if I’m having a wild or scary dream, I can wake myself up. Usually it’s the one when I’m laying in the bed and I hear someone in the house, but I’m parylized and can’t move. I keep trying and wake myself up, usually my heart is beating like a drum when I wake up. Other times, the dream is so wild I realize I’m dreaming and can control what happens in the dream. That usually happens when I’m having the dream about flying. There are other ones I can control too, but it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. Considering we don’t remember most of our dreams, I know I’m missing out on a lot of good dream memories. I’ve been able to do it since I was a child.

Edward answers:

Lots of people can control the dreams they’re in,but its not really a casual topic of conversation.(Voice of experience here,folks give ya odd looks).If you’d like to Hone this skill I’d Highly recommend the book “Lucid Dreaming”by Stephen Laberge(Maybe Steven)There is also a website, www.Lucidity.com with tons of FAQ’s and the Lucidity Institute(Google it)This is an awesome gift and can be Tons Of fun!Good luck and Enjoy!

David asks…

Is it possible to control our dreams while sleeping?

Is it possible to control our dreams when sleeping?
I always have frustrating dreams. Sometimes about things that bother me, sometimes just about work nonsense, sometimes scary. Basically my anxiety likes to take control. Is there any way to control our dreams? I mean how great would it be if I could dream about lying on a beach with Jensen Ackles or some other hunk?

Edward answers:

Yes! I am an experienced lucid dreamer. It’s simply a process of doing exercises during the day which prepair you to “recognize” your dreaming during your normal rem cycles. It can be a hard and frustrating skill to learn but it is possible. I still remember ever amazing detail of the lucid dreams I have had. Check out the book “exploring the world of lucid dreaming” by Stephen Laberge. He is a scientist who actually proved in a lab that lucid dreaming is real and the book gives you the tool to start practicing. Good luck and have fun! Also check out www.dreamviews.com for tutorials.

George asks…

How to wake up from dreaming and start doing what i like.?

Edward answers:

If you mean how to ‘wake up’ during a dream and control it, you are actually talking about lucidity, or lucid dreaming. I love lucidity and it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to be in control of your thoughts. Search around for lucid dreams and stephen laberge(not sure about the spelling) and see what you come up with…


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Your Questions About Annasophia Robb

Sharon asks…

Does anyone of you likes AnnaSophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson?

I’m one of their biggest fan and I want to know if who among you are one of us! LOL

Edward answers:

I think AnnaSophia Robb is a talented young actress. Not sure who Josh Hutcherson is, though.

I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m a “biggest fan” though. I’ve only seen her in a couple of movies, and if I had to choose a favorite amongst some of the talented young actresses out there it would be Dakota Fanning.

Of course, my favorite actress is and always will be Sandra Bullock. No young upstart is going to take her place.

Carol asks…

who did Annasophia robb go out with?

who did Annasophia robb ( the celebrity) go out with? was it Alexander Ludwig or Elliot lawless or both or who… am really confused!

Edward answers:

AnnaSophia Robb is very private about who she dates, and no she hasn’t dated either of those guys. She’s currently dating Chris Wood.

John asks…

Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning or Annasophia Robb?

Which person do you like best in each and every way?
I love Elle and Annasophia and I want to meet them one day. (My dream)

Edward answers:

Annasophia Robb..

George asks…

Why do you think Directors chose AnnaSophia Robb for The Carrie Diarries?

I know its about the talent that she has but that’s not what I mean, I mean role like Carrie need someone like SJP understanding the main role perfectly have much experience in the real life. like have much boyfriends or know the meaning of leaving person and searching for anther one

I mean look to ASR I never heard that she has boyfriend I even heard her in interview saying She’s not interest in boys and Saying she’s too jealous right now to date somebody so why the directors didn’t chose Dakota Fanning or Saoirse Ronan or Miranda Cosgrove or even Miley Cyrus, she’s not even taller than SJP she’s too short, So what’s your opinion?

Edward answers:

AnnaSophia looks like a young Carrie. That would have played a part in being chosen for the role, but basically she was chosen on talent. Her personal life has nothing to do with it. She’s an actress, she plays a character, thats what actors do.

William asks…

How old is Annasophia Robb?

I was Just Wondering because I just seen Soul Surfer and I think she is 13? Is that right? She looks 13, and how did she get her acting career started?

Edward answers:


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Your Questions About Island Retreat

David asks…

Does anyone else find a thrill in safety?

I know some people find danger exciting, but I must be the biggest coward in history because I’ve always found safety and security extremely exciting. I love the feeling of being hidden, or invisible, or protected. Not only safety from danger, but safety from hassle and grief. Like the thought of an island retreat, with security guards…not just a NICE idea, but an exhilirating one. Anyone else feel this?

Edward answers:

Different strokes for different folks. Just try to think of things to help humanity while in your cocoon.

Donna asks…

Where would be a perfect getaway or retreat near New York City?

somewhere north, or a lighthouse, or a camping sight, or a lake where people can stay for at least 2-3 days. Somewhere peaceful to clear my head, maybe upstate or new jersey or long island?

Edward answers:


Lake George is about 3-4 hours from NYC. I haven’t stayed at that hotel but I’ve been on the grounds and it’s lovely.

Linda asks…

I need to find myself again. Do you know a good retreat house?

I am 19 and live on Long Island. I want to find a retreat place close to where I live. I plan on going alone for around 3 days. Do you know a place???

Edward answers:

Take a tent!
Make your own place…

Laura asks…

What do I wear to a semiformal white dinner on the beach? any links to some cute dresses? what about my hubby?

I need some fashion advice on this because we’re going to an elite island retreat with my company and my hubby and i wan to look our best as always! I’m 23 and he’s 26

Edward answers:

How about khaki capris, or just capris in general? Capris have a summer feel to them and I would think they’d be perfect for a business outing on an island. Your top could be a little dressier if you choose – the khakis would make your top seem a little less dressy/more casual.

Steven asks…

What song is played in Couples Retreat?

When they go to Eden east (single’s island) there is one party song playing in the background when they all were dancing.It was awesome can you tell me the name of that song?

Edward answers:

I was watching this movie as i saw this question!
If it’s the part where the 4 guys get to the party with the DJ, then the song is Right Round by Flo Rida.

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Your Questions About Economists Salary

Charles asks…

How much do economists and persons with masters in economics make on average?

what would there average salary be, does it depend on if the job in in public or private sector?

Edward answers:

I have a M.A. In Economics and a B.S. In Business (lots of accounting) 1968. I worked in several positions from cost accountant, financial analysts, manager of cost and general accounting, controller, and finally V.P. In purchasing and selling commodities. I had a very eclectic career that was quite rewarding. At my prime I made in excess of $150,000 per year but that was back prior to 2000. I retired at 60 years old. I always worked in the private sector and never for any government. The government jobs today pay quite well and have great retirement benefits. I give you this information to help you make a decision. I will not tell you or recommend what is right for you. Good luck.

Richard asks…

What portion of monthly salary should go to mortgage?

I am in the market to buy a house. I would like to know what economists would suggest on how much a person in his late 30’s should spend on a house? – I mean, the percentage of his gross income.

Edward answers:

Easy, as much as you can afford!,

At the minimum I would suggest no less than 25% but the more you put on, the less interest you will pay in the long run and you will be mortgage free years ahead of schedule!

When we brought our first house we put every cent of savings we had on to the deposit (dont be fooled going for the minimum payment, it adds thousands to the interest!)
we also went for the shorter term (25 years instead of 30) to help force us to pay it off quicker (you can always re-mortgage if you get in the poo).
And then we proceeded to put 50% of our income on it for the first 3 years, we have now lowered our payments as we are traveling and renting the house out, but once we return we will put the payments back up.

Daniel asks…

What is the average salary for an economist? (right out of university)?

like best case scenario. he graduated from harvard with honor grades.

Edward answers:

Right now economists aren’t that popular among the public due to their widespread cheer-leading and approval of government policies that led to the current economic crisis. And there isn’t much consensus among economist now about how to resolve the current economic crisis.

Which means that any company seeking to hire an economist would have a hard time deciding whether an economist would be of much help to them or not. And if they hire an economist with the wrong views. Then he might even damage their company by steering the company into a wrong direction.

And for this reason, the job market for newly graduated economists probably isn’t as good as it used to be. A new graduate would be lucky to find a job. And he wouldn’t have much bargaining power to negotiate a good salary.

Donna asks…

Salaries for Quantitative Economists?

I was wondering if anyone knows how the average starting salary for a student with a Bachelors Degree in Quantitative Economics compares to the average starting salary of a student with a regular degree in economics. I checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics and they only had a listing for general economics.
I was considering getting a degree in Quantitative Economics- thats why I’m looking for information. I don’t understand why the people answering are being so hostile. I was also planning on going to graduate school regardless of my major. Stop making assumptions….

Edward answers:

I guess with a degree in Quantitative Econ you could quantify the number of burgers you flip hourly and figure out which times of the day you are busiest (my guess is lunch). Stay in school, get a masters or phd in finance or econ and get a good job. With advanced degrees low six figures is plausible. With just undergrad, not so much.

Hehe sorry for coming of as hostile, I was kidding, I have a degree in mathematical econ (same thing as quant econ?) and that was my experience :)

Steven asks…

What real estate “recovery” are economists expecting to take place when?

the average home in Brooklyn, New York is $500,000, yet the average person’s annual salary is only $40,000?
Do these fools actually expect houses to get EVEN MORE expensive??? Who’s going to buy them, Warren Buffet and Mike Bloomberg?
It is sickening enough that home prices DOUBLED (!!!) between 2000 and 2008 (when was the last time my salary doubled?), and now they want more “recovery”? What’s wrong with these out-of-touch, clueless idiots?

Edward answers:

Houses in all of NYC are extremely expensive due to a combination of building restrictions and rent control, coupled with spending transfer from auto related categories. [i mean, why own a car, have payments, buy auto insurance, pay for upkeep and repairs, etc., when the cost to take the subway everywhere you really need to go is only $60 a month?]

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Your Questions About Wayne Company

Helen asks…

Would it be against the law to keep concert tickets a company sent me that weren’t mine?

I ordered 2 Lil Wayne tickets that I was supposed to get only days before the concert. Instead I received 5, weeks before the concert.
The company did call me back about my order, but I have yet to respond. I sort of want to keep them.

Edward answers:

That would be “theft”, which is (in case you were unclear!) “against the law”….

Chris asks…

who’s a good conservatory and window company in the dudley west mids area?

please help don’t want John Wayne cowboy type

Edward answers:

Check the phonebook or newspaper should help u.

Thomas asks…

How do people become founder of a organization/company?

Like how John Schimatter found Papa John’s, Lil Wayne with Young Money, and more such situations.. How do these people find organizations and become the founder. DO they create the organization, or something else? I’m just curious.. Thanks for the help!!

Edward answers:

You said it. They CREATE the organization. Founder doesn’t mean they found something, it means they started something.


1.a person who founds, or establishes



transitive verb

3.to set up (a government, nation, business, etc.); found; institute

2.founding father (sense )

Sharon asks…

Can I bill my finance company for parking?

hi, After terminating my car finance agreement my finance company still had not collected the car after 1 month and could not tell me when they were going to collect it but insisted i keep paying them until they do.
so I sent them a letter warning that I would bill them for parking if it was not collected within 2 weeks, they did not and still have not collected it.
Can I legally bill them for parking?
many thanks
I had written to them to terminate, I even gave them two weeks notice which I was not contracted to do. thanks

Edward answers:

They can take up to 6 months.
Sometimes they never collect the car.
Which only means you could never sell the car without the title…

Joseph asks…

Can anyone give me the list of ingredients in Ballards chicken salad?

This is a company in Wayne, W.V. I use to live in the area and have since moved to Va. I’d love to have the ingredients, or better still, the recipe! I’m sure there are some good folks out there who can help me. Thanks so much!

Edward answers:

Sorry but heres a super yummy salad my granny makes

4 cups cubed, cooked chicken meat
1 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon paprika
1 1/2 cups dried cranberries
1 cup chopped celery
2 green onions, chopped
1/2 cup minced green bell pepper
1 cup chopped pecans
1 teaspoon seasoning salt
ground black pepper to taste

In a medium bowl, mix together mayonnaise with paprika and seasoned salt. Blend in dried cranberries, celery, bell pepper, onion, and nuts. Add chopped chicken, and mix well. Season with black pepper to taste. Chill 1 hour.

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